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iProcurement Systems

SU Internet Procurement, also referred to as iProcurement, is used to purchase goods and services through a suite of connected systems including: Stanford’s Amazon Business account, SmartMart Catalog Suppliers, Non-Catalog Requests and SmartMart Contracts. The iProcurement home page also includes a direct link to CardinalTemps (powered by the Workforce Logiq application) where you can initiate a requisition to hire temporary labor. 

Each system included in the iProcurement suite is unique. Understanding the purpose of each of the sub-systems will help you make the most effective purchasing decisions.

  • Stanford's Amazon Business account in iProcurement is the recommended and preferred method of purchasing goods at Stanford. Amazon Business provides similar availability and access to items available on its public website, but holds higher standards of vetting and approving sellers. In addition, Amazon Business offers additional business-specific items available to all Amazon Business account members. Learn more about using Amazon Business in iProcurement.
  • Use SmartMart Catalog Suppliers, an online catalog ordering system, to purchase specially-priced goods from pre-negotiated suppliers. SmartMart Catalog Suppliers offer a wider selection of Lab and Medical products than you will find in Amazon Business. Learn more about using SmartMart Catalog Suppliers in iProcurement.
  • Use Non-Catalog Requests to purchase goods and services not available through Amazon Business or SmartMart Catalog Suppliers. Learn more about using Non-Catalog Requests in iProcurement.
  • Use SmartMart Contracts for purchases of goods and services that require Stanford signature, regardless of dollar amount, including zero dollar purchases. Learn more about using SmartMart Contracts in iProcurement.
  • Use CardinalTemps as a one-stop solution for hiring temporary labor at Stanford. For help with CardinalTemps, please visit the CardinalTemps website, contact the dedicated Program Team at @email, or call 1-650-725-2643. 

Using iProcurement facilitates the transaction approval process prior to the payment being made, which supports accurate, reasonable and appropriate use of Stanford’s financial resources.

New users of the iProcurement suite will need to:

Students and Post-Grads require an additional set-up. A Stanford staff member can request student access to Oracle Financials by submitting a support request

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024


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