In January 2023, Stanford Financial Management Services (FMS) partnered with University IT (UIT) to launch the PTA Manager close request feature for non-sponsored PTA segments, which improved efficiency, internal controls, and data quality/accuracy. On July 31, new functionality was added that allows users to bulk submit close requests (for non-sponsored PTAs and PTA segments).

Problem/current state

Historically, when schools/budget units needed to close large amounts of PTAs and PTA segments ranging from 100 to 900, they would email the request to FMS Fund Accounting staff, who would then enter them manually or request an update in the Oracle Financials back end. However, both are time-consuming and short-term solutions.

Solution/future state

The enhancement created a permanent solution that improves process efficiency and data quality through a new bulk close request process used along with the previous January 2023 enhancements (see section below for details on: validation of PTAs/segments for issues before closure, error notifications to prompt users to resolve the issues, automatic closure of corresponding projects and tasks when closing an award, automated status emails, and documentation of requests).

PTA Manager users can refer to the following resources for instructions and guidance.

Resources and Support

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Enhancement launched January 2023

PTA Manager is a system within Oracle Financials used by Stanford University schools and departments to request, approve, and track non-sponsored and miscellaneous accounts (PTAs) and PTA segments (projects, tasks, or awards). Stanford Financial Management Services (FMS) partnered with University IT (UIT) on the PTA Manager Enhancement Project to add functionality for PTA Manager users to initiate requests to close non-sponsored PTA segments. (Previously, users needed to submit a support request or email Fund Accounting, who would manually close PTAs and segments.) This benefitted university employees by introducing a more streamlined and convenient process for closing a non-sponsored PTA, and benefitted the university through improved system controls and data quality. The enhancement launched Jan. 23, 2023. 

Sponsored PTAs will continue to be managed through coordination with school and department contacts for sponsored funding. 

Project Enhancements

  • Capability to initiate and track requests to close PTAs and PTA segments in the PTA Manager system via user interface changes.
    Users are able to select individual or multiple PTA segments to close.
  • Automated data checks (previously manually completed by Fund Accounting prior to closing a PTA segment) and automated routing of specific award types. The automated checks ensure:
    • Fund balance/available balance is zero
    • No associated invoices or procurement transactions
    • No outstanding salary commitments past the close date
    • Any requests to close gifts and endowments (GIF and END types) would be automatically routed to Fund Accounting to review donor documentation prior to approving the closure of the award.
  • Automated PTA segment closures and email notifications
    Once a user submits the PTA segment close request, the PTA Manager system will process the change in the background, and the user can exit the screen and continue working on other tasks. PTA Manager will generate an in-system message and an email notifying the user of the success or failure of the close request.
    • FYI recipient: The requestor can add up to three FYI recipients to also receive the email notification.
    • Request succeeded email: Sent to the requestor (and optional FYI recipients) to confirm the PTA segment(s) successfully closed.
    • Request failed/returned email: Sent to the requestor (and optional FYI recipients) to alert them the request was returned due to error(s).
      • Includes a partial list of the PTA segment(s) that have error(s).
      • Links to a PTA Manager page showing the complete list of PTA segments requiring action and a table of error details  (“Transaction Error Message Index”) with instructions on how to resolve them.
    • Request canceled/terminated email: Sent when the requestor decides to cancel/terminate the close request.

Resources and Support

To support PTA Manager users in adjusting to this new system enhancement, the following resources are available:

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