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Financial Management Services (FMS) continuously strives to improve its products and services to support financial excellence at Stanford. The Client Satisfaction Survey is an ongoing conversation with the Stanford community to learn about their experiences with the financial tools, systems and services that FMS provides and uses that feedback to inform strategic initiatives and continuous improvements. The survey is administered every two to three years and asks Stanford faculty and staff about their experiences with specific financial tools and services. The next FMS Client Satisfaction Survey will be administered from Tuesday, October 5 through Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

Turning Results into Action

The last survey was administered in 2018 and garnered approximately 3,600 responses from faculty and staff across the university. Action plans stemming from this feedback were aligned to performance year planning and included system enhancements and improvements to support resources and updates to financial policies and processes.

Some specific recent projects driven by the last survey results include the Finally Close a PO processFingate Website Redesign, Labor Schedules Enhancement and the Authority Manager Enhancement, just to name a few. 

More information about action plans related to the latest Client Satisfaction Survey can be found in the Turning Feedback into Action article. 

About the 2021 Survey

The 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey deadline has been extended to Tuesday, October 26!

FMS will administer the next survey on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 in partnership with MOR Associates, a vendor partner who administered the 2018 survey. By collaborating with this third-party vendor again, the survey team will continue to ensure confidentiality, objectivity and consistency throughout the survey process. 

Important note: The survey invitation email will come from our external consultant with a sender name of Stanford Financial Management Services on behalf of Anne Sweeney-Hoy and will have the subject line “Request for Participation: Stanford FMS Client Satisfaction Survey.” The survey will be open for three weeks and will close on October 26, 2021. 

FMS will also communicate through internal Stanford channels to remind faculty and staff to keep an eye out for this email and to check SPAM folders if they do not see an email in their Inbox on Tuesday, October 5.

Once the survey closes, results will be aggregated and distributed to the product and service teams within FMS for deep dive analysis. Then, these results and findings will be used as key drivers of the new strategic planning sessions kicking off in early 2022 to build out FMS’ next slate of initiatives and priorities. More information about how the results will be turned into action will be communicated here in this article, as well as to the university by FMS leadership.

FMS Offerings Included in the Survey

While the survey features more than a dozen systems and services, respondents are only asked to complete the sections that are applicable to them. In addition to measuring satisfaction with existing programs and services, the survey also asks about specific changes that stemmed from previous feedback to validate and assess further needs in those areas. Below are the programs, services, systems and tools that will be asked about in this year’s Client Satisfaction Survey.

Programs/Services Financial and Reporting Systems Support Tools and Services
  • Global Business Services
  • Merchant Services
  • Payroll Services
  • PCards and TCards
  • Stanford Travel Program
  • Authority Manager
  • Expense Request System
  • Financial Transaction Approval
  • iJournal
  • Labor Schedules and Labor Distribution Adjustments
  • OBI Financial Reporting Tool
  • PCard Verification System
  • Pending Transactions Tool
  • PTA Setup and PTA Maintenance
  • Purchasing, Contracts and Payment Systems
  • Supplier Query and Request Tool
  • Financial Support Center
  • Fingate Website


If you have questions about the Client Satisfaction Survey, please contact Mari Kobara, Business Relationship Manager.

Stay Up to Date

Stanford faculty and staff are invited to follow FMS on Slack (#stanford-fms-news) to get instant updates on projects and initiatives related to the survey. 

About FMS

FMS is a part of the Stanford University Business Affairs organization, whose vision is “to work together to make administration seamless and efficient to enable and support teaching, learning and research.”

FMS’ mission is to provide a business ecosystem that cultivates a simplified financial landscape to address the evolving needs of the community while safeguarding the university.

Visit the About Us section of the Fingate website to learn more about Stanford Financial Management Services.

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