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A preview of the enhanced Authority Manager homepage.

Authority Manager is the Stanford-developed tool used to grant employees access to the university's many administrative systems. As the number of business applications used at Stanford increases, keeping track of who has authority to access data and perform administrative tasks becomes more complex. Stanford managers have communicated their desire for updated functionality to make the processes for managing authority more efficient. 

What's Changed

Working with stakeholders from across the university, the project team is working to enhance the Authority Manager interface and add modern functionality. While Authority Manager has a fresh new look and expanded functionality, users can rest assured that the core functions of viewing, granting, and revoking authority remain intact and feel familiar. Additional training is not be required to navigate the system. The updated user interface and features that use new technology make it easier to navigate, view, and filter authority; perform bulk copy;  and set up or adjust authority for employees moving into new roles. Anyone with the ability to grant is able to:

  • Copy privileges from one person to another
  • Future-date authority requests
  • Use workflows to route requests to copy, edit, or revoke privileges to the appropriate grantor

Robust searching, filtering, and a consolidated Granting Authority Wizard will further enhance usability. Moreover, a limited number of authority grantors now have the ability to revoke a person’s authority across systems to support certain time-sensitive requests and needs.


The new Authority Manager functionality is live as of June 21, 2021. To guide you through the change, we have updated existing online resources to reflect the new interface. You also have access to newly created instructional documentation, so you can navigate new functionality with ease. To learn more about the current tool, visit Authority Manager. Both system demo recordings are available below where you can view the new interface and features in action.

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