As of January 25, 2021, the Credit Card Profiles Change Request Tool has been updated to allow more approval options when a requester updates the Card Details section. This change, based on user feedback to the Financial Services Center, reduces error messages when filling out the tool.

When a requester changes a field in the Card Details section, such as Verifier or Card Status, the Changes to be approved by field now provides a pop-up box with up to three options for approvers:

  • The cardholder/custodian’s manager
  • The financial approver(s) for the PTA linked to the card
  • The person who approved the original credit card application

The requester can then choose the person with sufficient authority to approve the change.

Pop-up box showing manager, financial approvers, and original credit card application approver


The Changes to be approved by field previously only listed the current cardholder or custodian’s manager as an approver, which caused an error message if the information was incorrect (for example, if the current cardholder/custodian has left Stanford or the cardholder’s manager had changed and the HR record had not yet been updated). Updating the approver options also allows the requester to shift approval responsibility from a cardholder’s manager to another authorized resource.

If you have questions about this change, please submit a support request to the Financial Support Center.

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