This page provides instructions to upload cash and personal credit card expense lines in Expense Requests via an Excel spreadsheet.

Before beginning an expense report for SU or Non-SU payees, the cash and personal credit card expense lines may be organized in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, when ready to enter the expense report in Expense Requests, copy and paste the expense lines from the spreadsheet directly into the expense report. Travelers may use these templates to record expenses for the preparer to paste into an expense report. This is an optional organizational and time-saving feature.

  1. Download the Excel template by selecting the type of expense report from the following drop-down menu

    These templates are also available from Expense Requests, Paste from Excel window. 

    Using this template is not mandatory. Any Excel spreadsheet will work as long as it contains these four columns in the order Date, Amount, Expense Type and Remarks and data is entered in the exact format for upload.

Demo: Expense Line Upload from Spreadsheet

  1. Open downloaded spreadsheet
  2. Enter Date when expense occurred Date format must be one of the following:
  3. Enter expense AmountDo not add a dollar sign $ to the Amount field.
  4. Use the exact Expense Type name – spelling and case must match Expense Request System
  5. Enter Remarks (limit to 240 characters)Expense Types that require Details are indicated at the end of the row, and details must be entered in Expense Requests if required.

    It is ok to leave Remarks empty when applicable.
  6. Continue to add expense line data until ready to submit the expense report
  1. Select Paste from Excel button on the Transaction Lines page
  2. In the spreadsheet, select and copy (Ctrl + C) only the Date, Amount, Expense Type and Remarks columns (including the header row)Do not select the entire row; select only these four columns with column headers.
  3. Select the date format used in the spreadsheet in the Paste from Excel window
  4. Select Paste from Clipboard field
  5. Paste (Ctrl + V) expense content in the Paste from Clipboard field
  6. Select OKIf there are errors in the upload report, close the report window, fix errors in spreadsheet and copy and paste again.   
  7. Review all transactions uploaded
  8. Continue with the remaining expense report pages


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