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eReceipts is a custom mobile-friendly interface created to capture images of business and travel-related receipts and assign them to a transaction preparer or verifier for electronic upload to transactions recorded in the Expense Requests and PCard systems.

eReceipts helps users manage business and travel expense receipts more efficiently online. eReceipts is an alternative to existing methods of attaching paper receipts to Oracle transactions. 

As a reminder, eReceipts does not replace paper receipt retention requirements that may be in place for your department.

eReceipts Process Overview:


Upload Receipts to eReceipts 

Stanford travelers and PCard cardholders can use eReceipts to take a picture of a receipt, choose receipt image(s) from their photo directory with their mobile device, or browse files from their mobile device. They can then upload the image, tag it with payment method and expense type, add comments if needed, and send it to themselves or to a designated transaction preparer or verifier.


Share Receipts with Transaction Preparer

Uploaded eReceipts can be electronically shared with transaction preparers and verifiers. Transaction preparers and verifiers can then attach Stanford business and travel-related receipts to transactions existing in the Expense Requests and PCard systems. eReceipts users can view all receipts that they have previously uploaded or shared with others. This includes processed and deleted receipts.


Notify Transaction Preparer and Verifier

Transaction preparers and verifiers will receive a system generated email notification when receipts have been shared with them via eReceipts. 


Attach Receipts to Oracle Transaction 

Transaction preparers and verifiers can navigate to eReceipts from the Resources section of the Expense Requests or the PCard system home page. Preparers and verifiers are most likely to utilize the Desktop view of eReceipts when processing expense reports or verifying PCard transactions. Preparers and verifiers then attach uploaded eReceipts to the respective transaction in Oracle prior to submitting for financial approval.

For Receipt Uploaders

eReceipts functionality is available within the Stanford Mobile app. To make eReceipts visible, be sure to update the Stanford Mobile app on your device to the latest version (10.6.6).

For more information, visit the University IT Stanford Mobile webpage. For help with the Stanford Mobile app, submit a support request to the Stanford Mobile team.

download Download Stanford Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play 

  • After downloading, open Stanford Mobile from your mobile device
  • Scroll down to the “For Faculty and Staff” or “For Students” section
  • Swipe as needed to view the eReceipts tile
eReceipts Tile
  • Click eReceipts tile to access eReceipts on your mobile device.
eReceipts add receipt

After Updating your Stanford Mobile Application

All users (both Apple and Android) must log out fully after upgrading and then log back in to have access to eReceipts. Here are the Log Out instructions:
  1. Click on 'me' (at bottom)
  2. Click on cog wheel (upper right)
  3. Click on Logout
Once that is done, go back into Stanford Mobile application and your access to "For faculty and staff" should be back and eReceipts back in that location.

For Transaction Preparers and Verifiers

Transaction preparers can view eReceipts that have been assigned to them from Stanford Mobile or a desktop version of eReceipts available within Oracle Financials. 

Preparers upload eReceipts directly from within the Expense Requests or PCard systems. Learn How to Attach eReceipts to Expense Request/PCard Transactions.



Common eReceipt Issues and Resolutions:


  1. Accessing eReceipts with the Stanford Mobile app: eReceipts is available within Stanford Mobile. To make eReceipts visible, be sure to update the Stanford Mobile app on your device to the latest version (version 10.6.6 or higher). See Stanford Mobile for download information. 
  2. Taking pictures with an Android phone within eReceipts: Some Android users may not be able to take a picture of a receipt from within eReceipts. The eReceipts team is currently investigating this issue.
    • The workaround for this is to take the picture using your camera function and then choose the file within eReceipts.
  3. Accessing eReceipts: If a traveler does not have access to the Expense Request System in Oracle, they can edit and assign receipts directly from eReceipts. If the preparer does not want to access eReceipts using their phone, they can access eReceipts from the Expense Requests System to organize receipts, add more comments and reassign.
    FYI: eReceipts and Upload a file may both be used for attaching to an Expense Request transaction or a PCard transaction.
Last Updated: May 6, 2024


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