Stanford travelers are permitted to use Uber for Business (U4B) for ground transportation. Department administrators who want to manage rides for Stanford travelers or visitors can set up U4B accounts.

Stanford administrators can select from a variety of U4B programs, which include:

  • Uber Travel – Manage employee rides through a central department account.
  • Uber Central – Arrange rides for guests who don't have access to the Uber app.
  • Uber Vouchers – Purchase ride passes for specific destinations.

Additional Benefits:

  • Master Service Agreement coverage that includes Stanford's Terms and Conditions
  • Waiver of 10% Uber for Business service fees


Stanford Uber for Business Account Setup

(for Account Administrators)

Additional Account Setup Information

  • The account administrator must have an Uber account and access to a Stanford Travel Card (TCard) or personal credit card to complete the setup process.
  • It can take 24 to 48 hours for a TCard or credit card to be approved through the Uber Fraud team.
  • Complete monthly billing application and credit limit requests after account is set up (refer to Account Setup Instruction Guide).

    The monthly billing application will request the Company Tax ID, which can be found on Fingate

  • Monthly billing – Monthly statement is paid by TCard (required for Uber vouchers).
  • Pay per ride –TCard or personal card is charged at completion of each ride.

    If monthly billing by TCard is selected as payment, the monthly Uber statement must be uploaded with the transaction in the Expense Requests system.


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