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Stanford Travel Optional Services: Uber for Business

Stanford travelers are permitted (but not required) to use Uber for Business for ground transportation. Department administrators who want to manage rides for Stanford travelers or visitors can set up Uber for Business accounts.

Existing Account Support

If you already have an account and need support with a trip or have technical and billing questions, please contact our Uber Premium Support Specialist to assist by emailing @email

  • A variety of Uber for Business programs for Stanford travelers and travel arrangers
  • 5 million in additional insurance coverage, per ride (commercial general liability) through our Master service Agreement
  • Waiver of the Uber for Business service fees for Department/Program Accounts (10% per ride)
  • Stanford has dedicated Uber Premium Support available 24/7
  • Ability to earn Uber Rewards and connect Marriott and Uber accounts to earn Marriott Bonvoy points

Business Profile for Individuals

Pay per ride with a personal credit card or Travel Card (TCard).

Any Stanford individual can join the Stanford Uber Program to use when traveling for the university. Using this Individual Uber profile will grant access to additional insurance and elevated support.

Department/Program Account Options

Uber for Business tools allow you to provide ride coverage for others via a department/program account. Uber for Business accounts must be set up through the following process (not through the Uber website).

Additional Account Setup Information
  • The account administrator must have an Uber account and access to a Stanford Travel Card (TCard) or personal credit card to complete the setup process.
  • It can take 24 to 48 hours for a TCard or credit card to be approved through the Uber Fraud team.
  • Complete monthly billing application and credit limit requests after account is set up.
  • The monthly billing application will request the Company Tax ID (found on the Stanford W9 form), which can be found on Fingate.

  • Monthly billing – Monthly statement is paid by TCard (ACH transfer not applicable for Stanford).
  • Pay per ride –TCard or personal card is charged at completion of each ride.

    If monthly billing by TCard is selected as payment, the monthly Uber statement must be uploaded with the transaction in the Expense Requests system.

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2023


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