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Signature Authority Delegation Letter Repository

Individual officers' specific scope of responsibility and limits of specific reserved delegations are documented in the form of delegation letters and retained on file at the university.

An initiative is underway to issue updated delegation letters for each budget unit and store them in a central repository utilizing Stanford University Box, a secure file sharing and content management system. Delegation letters are organized on Box in folders by Budget Unit, and are being added over time beginning February 2019 with the President and Provost Office. Refer to Signature Versus Financial Approval Authority for more information.

You must have a valid Stanford ID (SUNet ID) to access the repository.

Access Signature Authority Delegation Letters on Stanford University Google Shared Drive

Signature authority delegation letter updates should be initiated by the dean, director or VP's office for the budget unit. It is recommended to limit signature authority delegation letters, to the extent possible, to the dean, director or VP of the budget unit, and to their next level of direct reports.

To obtain delegation templates or for support in updating delegations for your organization, please contact Kelly Wright, Sr Director of Financial Compliance and Operations.

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2022


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