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  • Travel Mealsopen_in_new

    Renamed "Choosing a Payment or Reimbursement Method," clarified per diem vs. daily max methods, visitor travel payment info.

  • Airfareopen_in_new

    Updated "Most Direct Route" subsection of "General Policy" with clarification about choosing an airport.

  • Stanford Travel Newsletter: Summer 2023open_in_new

    Topics include: Get Flexibility and Perks with Stanford Travel, Prepare for Summer Travel, Easily Access Key Travel Through Fingate Systems Button, Coming Soon: New Egencia Guest Booking Process, New Stanford Travel Promotions in 2023, In Case You Missed It resources, and other resources.
  • Stanford Travel Updates and Hot Topics

    Many students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty and staff travel on behalf of Stanford. To be reimbursed for this travel, travelers and travel arrangers must follow university policy; in most cases airfare for university-sponsored travel must be booked through a Stanford Travel booking channel. This...
  • Business Mealsopen_in_new

    Updated meal maximums as of May 1, 2023; in Receipts and Documentation section, clarified how to list attendees.

  • Stanford Transitioning from Certain to Cvent for Events Management

    Certain will be sunsetting in October 2023 when the current contract expires. To replace Certain, Financial Management Services’ Office of the Treasurer (OOT) has partnered with University IT (UIT) to offer Cvent, an approved third-party robust events management platform at Stanford. The project...