Effective July 31, 2023, a streamlined process and tools will make it easier to receive Will Call check payments for purchase order invoices and Expense Requests transactions.

About the new process

After a Will Call payment is requested for an Expense Requests transaction or a purchase order invoice, and the check is processed by the Payment Services team, a “Will Call Check Notification” email will be sent to the preparer of the expense report or to the individual who uploaded the invoice. The notification email provides information and instructions on three different delivery or pick up options:

  • Delivery via FedEx, which is a preferred option because a tracking service is included. The notification will provide a link to a form to upload the FedEx shipping label.
  • Delivery via Standard USPS (United States Postal Service), which does not include tracking. The notification will provide a link to a form to input the designated delivery address for the check(s).
  • Pick up at the Stanford Redwood City campus by scheduling an appointment with the Cardinal Appointments tool (bring a copy of the email notification and a picture ID, and check parking and visitor registration requirements before arriving).
    • Cardinal Appointments will send an appointment reminder one hour before the appointment.
    • The appointment may be rescheduled if needed using Cardinal Appointments.

For assistance, please submit a support request to the Financial Support Center.

Why the process changed

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the Will Call office at Tresidder Memorial Union on the historic campus closed. In response to the pandemic and the closing of the Tresidder Will Call office, the Payment Services team created a manual appointment scheduling process at the Stanford Redwood City campus to pick up Will Call checks. The new Will Call process and tool replaces this interim scheduling process and provides both in-person pickup and mail delivery options, to facilitate delivery when the check requester or recipient may be working remotely or located off campus.

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