The PTA Maintenance Enhancement is a Financial Systems Governance (FSG) strategic project initiated with University IT (UIT) in early 2022 to improve the PTA Maintenance system’s* controls, data quality, and accuracy by solving  for current issues with two enhancements. The enhancements went live on July 14, 2022. Leading up to and following the launch, FMS has provided communications, updated resources, and an office hour to help users be aware of and understand the changes.

New Enhancements - Launched July 14

  • New notification email about PTAs assigned to parent orgs
    When new orgs are made or historical data is not copied over correctly, there is no mechanism in place to prompt business units to move PTAs to the appropriate org, leading to Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft transactions working improperly. This new email alerts PTA Maintenance administrators that they have a PTA segment that needs to be reassigned to a child org (orgs must be assigned at the lowest level possible).
  • New “At A Glance” page upon PTA Maintenance login
    As individuals leave the university, PTA Maintenance data quality deteriorates unless corresponding updates are made. Currently, users receive an email alerting them to make updates when personnel changes occur, but there is no functionality pointing users to the PTA segments that need to be updated. This new summary page enables users to drill into the exact PTA segments that require action, and unlike emails that can be ignored or deleted, it would remain on the user’s landing page until action is taken.

    The page will display two sections, as shown below:
    • PTAs with Invalid Owner or Manager: Users can click on any name or PTA segment (project, task, or award) link, which will take the user to the PTA Mass Update start page, filtered by owner or manager.
    • PTAs Owned by Parent Orgs: Users can click on any org link, which will take the user to the PTA Mass Update start page, filtered for the owning org.
Screenshot of PTA Maintenance At a Glance page

Resources and Support

The following resources are available to help PTA Maintenance system users adopt the new enhancements and get support: 

*About PTA Manager

PTA Manager is an application that enables schools and departments to request, approve, and track non-sponsored and miscellaneous accounts (also known as PTAs). PTA Maintenance is a subcomponent of PTA Manager used by schools and departments to update attributes for existing PTAs. While PTA Manager utilizes system controls to ensure data entered by campus users and central administration is accurate, over time data quality can decrease as personnel changes occur and updates are made to the organizational code hierarchy managed by the University Budget Office (UBO).

Learn More and Stay Informed

Stay tuned to this announcement page for updates on the project’s progress and for links to new resources to support the change. In addition, you can stay informed in the following ways:

  • Follow our Slack channel, #Stanford-FMS-news for the latest on this project and more.
  • Contact the project lead, Jason Taloma, Manager, Financial Systems & Reporting.
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