Oracle Financials and Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) system upgrades complete
The planned system upgrades to OBI and Oracle Financials are complete. To help users' experience within the upgraded environments, we advise:
- For OBI: Log into and update existing browser bookmarks/favorites; all other variations may prevent successful login.
- For both OBI and Oracle Systems: Users should clear the browser’s cache and cookies before logging in.
To report any issues, users can submit a support request for OBI or Oracle Financials.

Stanford’s Oracle-powered systems are being upgraded in mid-November, including an upgrade to its version of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) and an upgrade to its Oracle Financials systems. Both upgrades will include after-business outages and have a minor impact on user experience.  

OBI system upgrade details

Timing and user impact

The OBI system upgrade will occur Friday, Nov. 17 at 5 p.m. through 8 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 20. OBI will be unavailable during this timeframe. You can run reports/dashboards on Friday, Nov. 17 before 5 p.m., but please do not create or make changes to any dashboards, ad hoc reports, or saved customizations on Friday, as any changes will be lost after the upgrade.

What will change

The upgrade will have little to no impact on the current user experience but provide the technology base to release future improvements. The catalog search will be improved so that it looks in the name and the description for the full search string instead of each term entered, which provides a shorter list of search results; see screenshot below.

Screenshot of OBI upgrade catalog search


Important instructions

Before you log in for the first time following the upgrade, please clear your cache and cookies. If you do not clear them, you may encounter errors or unexpected results, which can occur if the system retains your pre-upgrade login session. Refer to the Cardinal Key FAQ if you need to reinstall Cardinal Key.

If you have a bookmark or favorite for OBI in your browser, please update it to Using any variations of the URL (e.g., may prevent successful login and cause the Oracle “Sign In” dialog box to appear (see screenshot below).

Oracle sign-in dialog box screenshot


Oracle Financials system upgrade details

Timing and user impact

The Oracle Financials system upgrade will occur Saturday, Nov. 18 at 6 p.m. through Sunday, Nov. 19 at 8 a.m. All Oracle Financials systems will be unavailable during this timeframe.

What will change

The Oracle Financials system upgrade will have minimal impact on user experience, with specific changes noted in the table below.

Description of change and affected Oracle Financials systems Screenshot of change

Oracle Financials system homepage menu options navigation: The homepage menu options in the upper right hand corner used to include downward arrows to indicate that there were additional sub-menus available. Now, the homepage menu options will not include downward arrows, but when users hover over the menu option name, an underline will appear to indicate that it is clickable. After clicking on the menu option name, the additional sub-menus will display. 

Affected Oracle Financials systems: Oracle Financials system homepage

Screenshot of Oracle Financials home page menu before upgrade
Screenshot of Oracle Financials home page menu after upgrade

New table feature icons: Some of the table feature icons have changed, but the functionality remains the same as before the upgrade.

Affected Oracle Financials systems: Expense Requests system, PCard Module, Workflow Notifications, iProcurement, and Oracle Financials system homepage

Screenshot of Oracle Financials new table feature icons before upgrade
Screenshot of Oracle Financials new table feature icons after upgrade

New advanced table sorting feature: A new feature allows users to sort data in multiple columns by ascending or descending order when data is present in a table.

Affected Oracle Financials systems: Expense Requests, PCard Module, Workflow Notifications, iProcurement, and Oracle Financials system homepage. 

screenshot of advanced table sorting feature

Fixed modal pop-up windows: Previously, pop-ups were browser windows that could be minimized and resized. Pop-ups are now fixed modal windows that can no longer be resized or minimized. The fixed modal pop-up windows can be moved anywhere throughout the window.

Affected Oracle Financials systems: Non-catalog requests in iProcurement, Expense Requests, and PCard Module.

Screenshot of pop-ups before upgrade
Screenshot of pop-ups after upgrade

Responsive user interface for iProcurement display settings: The iProcurement user interface is now responsive to users' display settings and screen resolution. Normally, the menu would display all iProcurement icons with corresponding labels, but if the resolution is low, then the menu displays as a drop-down list on the far-right side of the browser. Please note: At any resolution, the menu will also now display as a drop-down list on the far-right side of the browser if the window is minimized.

Affected Oracle Financials systems: iProcurement, Expense Requests system

Screenshot of iProcurement menu before upgrade
Screenshot of iProcurement menu after upgrade

Fixed modal date selection window: In connection with the change to pop-up windows above, the date selection pop-up browser windows can no longer be resized and are not moveable. Users will need to click anywhere outside of the date selection pop-up window to dismiss the window when not selecting a date since the Cancel button is no longer available.

Affected Oracle Financial systems: Expense Requests, PCard Module,  iProcurement, Vacation Delegation

Screenshot of date selection before upgrade
Screenshot of date selection after upgrade


If you have any questions, please submit a support request

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