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Outside Professional Activities Certification System (OPACS)

Credit/debit card merchant account, eCommerce, and point-of-sale consulting

iJournals (including feeder journals)

S&RO (Systems and Reporting Operations)

PTA Manager and PTA Maintenance

S&RO (Systems and Reporting Operations)

Month-end close

S&RO (Systems and Reporting Operations)

Year-end close

S&RO (Systems and Reporting Operations)

Document drop-off for delivery to Payroll

Departmental deposits, non-salary related reimbursements and miscellaneous payments

Org Suspense Accounts (OSA)

Labor Distribution Adjustments (LDA)

Labor Schedules (LS)

money fund rate monthly posting

Financial fraud of any type

Receive non-cash gift payment(s) and documentation (checks, credit card information or pledge documents)

Receive cash gifts and documentation

Checks and any remittance advices or backup for payment on sponsored projects