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Labor Schedules

Labor Schedules is a system within Oracle Financials that allows authorized users to create and update labor schedules to define the allocation of an employee's earnings to the appropriate Project-Task-Award (PTA) account(s).

The Labor Schedules system is specifically designed to allow users to create and update labor schedules. A labor schedule must be set up for exempt, non-exempt, faculty, bargaining unit, and hourly-paid contingent and student employees.

The Labor Schedules system allows users to create or update individual labor schedules (with or without salary caps),  mass create or replace PTAs, and bulk upload labor schedules.

To learn more about the purpose and use of labor schedules, refer to Topic Overview: Labor Schedules and Pay Allocation.

There are two levels of access to the Labor Schedules system that determine the types of transactions a user can perform.

  • SU Labor Scheduler Non-Salary View
    • Users will not have access to salary information and do not have access to the new Salary Cap Calculation Tool.
  • SU Labor Scheduler Salary View
    • Users can view employee salary information and have access to the new Salary Cap Calculation Tool. 

Effective February 18, 2021, new users must satisfy three requirements before getting access to the Labor Schedules system to originate labor schedule transactions.

Step Access for Labor Schedulers

Receive SU Labor Scheduler (Non-Salary View or Salary View) privilege in the Authority Manager application.

Note: Granted by department financial administrators

2 Complete the online Financial Stewardship Expectations agreement in STARS (FIN-PROG-0020).

Complete the online Labor Schedules (FIN-0510) course in STARS.

An online course for new users is available in STARS. Click on the course link below to review course objectives and access an express link to enroll in STARS.

Short videos of common tasks are also available.

  • Labor Schedules Task Demonstrations include Create/Update Individual Labor Schedule, Create/Replace Single Single PTA, Create/Replace Multiple PTAs, and Bulk Upload Labor Schedules

For information to help monitor the distribution of employees' earnings, use:

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2023


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