CASHNet is an online tool that enables schools and departments to record receipt deposits for reporting. After check and cash receipts are recorded in CASHNet, they must be physically delivered to any Wells Fargo branch or mailed to the Payments Office Lockbox to complete each deposit. Departments may request access to Mobile Deposit by submitting a support request. For more information on the deposit process, review the Topic Overview: Deposit Cash and Checks. You can also learn more about mobile deposits on the Wells Fargo website.

Stanford CASHNet is Stanford University's standard method for recording departmental deposits. Departments are expected to use Stanford CASHNet because it is the most convenient and accurate method to record deposits, and it offers online research and reporting capabilities to departments.

Before processing department receipts, request access to Stanford CASHNet by submitting a Support Request. Once this form is submitted, the Payments Office contacts the requester to arrange setup of the department's Stanford CASHNet account. 

The setup takes 5 to 10 business days.

  • Once your request is received, your department finance manager, as identified on the request, is prompted for approval of account setup and designation of operators by email.
  • The finance manager receives an email confirming the request and notification of the Stanford CASHNet account setup processing time of 3 to 5 business days once approval is received.
  • When your account is set up, a confirmation email is sent to the finance manager and designated department operators, including step-by-step procedures on how to access Stanford CASHNet for the first time. This email also instructs departments how to manage passwords and ongoing access.

If you are collecting any student-related deposits, please contact the Student Financial Services (SFS) Payments Office at 1-650-498-7526 before signing up for Stanford CASHNet.

Required Training for New Users

Course Number and Name Description After Completion
FIN-0100: Internal Controls  This course is required for any Stanford employee involved in financial activities. The objectives of the course are to understand elements of controls, identify and assess risks for your areas of responsibility and determine the controls needed to mitigate those risks. Once you have completed the required training, you will be more prepared to begin handling financial transactions

For reporting on CASHNet deposits, there are two different OBI dashboard subject areas, depending on the nature of the deposit:

  • For information about deposits that are reimbursement to Stanford for expenses incurred on behalf of another entity (i.e., reversing an existing charge), use the Expenditure Details tab of Consolidated Expenditure Reporting and set the selection criteria of Expenditure Transaction Source Long Name equal to “CANET-Feeder - CashNet,” or run the report for the PTA and look for this field value. 
  • For information about deposits that are revenue (a payment to Stanford for something), use OBI Revenue and Fund Management Dashboard. Use the Revenue and Fund Management subject area and look for revenue in the Fund Statement report, or use the GL Journal Details Report and look for transactions where Journal Description is equal to “SFS-CASHIER.”

For information about OBI, refer to OBI Financial Reporting.

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2022


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