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BlackLine is a cloud-based tool used by Stanford University business units and Stanford Hospitals to streamline balance sheet account reconciliations and transaction matching.

Stanford subscribes to BlackLine’s Account Reconciliations and Transaction Matching modules. Blackline Benefits include:

  • Speed of performing high-volume transaction matching
  • Standardized reconciliation templates 
  • Built-in reconciliation process controls
  • Audit trails and tracking of aging reconciling items 
  • Central portal for storing reconciliations and supporting documentation
  • Routine task automation (e.g., accrual and amortization schedules)
  • Decreased reliance on Excel vlookups and pivots for transaction data matching
  • Team visibility of reconciliations and email workflow notifications
  • Customizable reporting dashboards
BlackLine Account Reconciliations Module

The BlackLine Account Reconciliations module can be used to reconcile asset and liability account balances. Account balance reconciliations can be standardized, completed, automated and stored in BlackLine. BlackLine drives accuracy in the financial close process by providing a streamlined method to verify the correctness and appropriateness of balance sheet accounts. Users can quickly compare General Ledger, bank and other data, investigate discrepancies, attach supporting documentation and take required actions from an intuitive, unified workspace.

BlackLine Transaction Matching Module

The BlackLine Transaction Matching module can be used to match transactions between multiple sources, which can be particularly helpful with otherwise time-consuming, high-volume reconciliations. BlackLine Transaction Matching streamlines and automates detail-heavy reconciliations, such as bank reconciliations, credit card matching and intercompany reconciliations —all in one centralized workspace.

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To determine whether Blackline would be a good fit for your team:

Access to BlackLine is managed by the Financial Compliance & Operations team within Financial Management Services (FMS). All users must have an active SUNet ID in order to use Blackline. FMS will ask departments using Blackline to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) prior to gaining access. The SLA is intended to clearly define the support FMS will provide to the department and an outline of the fee structure for using Blackline. 

New or Potential Blackline Users

Existing Blackline Users

Action Guideline
Add a New User

The university official who grants BlackLine access (or the person who currently holds that position) is responsible for ensuring that granted access reflects the unit’s current needs.

Deactivate a User When a person with BlackLine access transfers to another department or leaves the university, their access should be revoked immediately.
Temporarily Reassign a User BlackLine changes to access for operational reasons, such as a temporary delegation of authority due to vacation or extended time out of the office, can be made at any time.


Blackline users will be provided access to online educational resources via BlackLine U.

Blackline Dashboards provide visibility to reconciliation status for individual users and teams. Customizable Reporting provides the ability to report on any part of the application in real-time. Users can create personalized dashboards specific to their role(s) in Blackline.

Ad hoc reporting capabilities can be used to create reports for:

  • Attachments to reconciliations
  • Journal entry templates
  • Reconciliation status
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2023


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