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Axess Timecard

Axess Timecard is an online timecard application on the Stanford Axess website. It is the university’s primary system for recording time and/or leave taken each pay period.

Although it is not required, most departments choose to use Axess Timecard for entering time and leave. Even when departments use physical time clocks or manual reporting, the information is transferred to Axess for the payroll run.

The high-level Axess workflow is:

  1. Staff members enter time and/or leave each pay period and approve their completed online timecard.
  2. Supervisors and/or time and leave administrators review and approve employee timecards in Axess.
  3. Payroll is run based on the approved employee timecards in Axess.

Access to Axess Timecard is granted automatically when employees are hired and their data is entered in PeopleSoft.

  • Employees report time and/or leave in the Employee Center in Axess.
  • Student employees report time and/or leave in the Student Center in Axess.

The level of access depends on employees’ role. Refer to definitions of employee types in the Stanford Administrative Guide.

  • For time and leave administrators, access is granted in Authority Manager at the department level to view and approve Axess Timecard records for a work group, based on the four-digit work assignment department used in PeopleSoft; see your department administrator to find out who in your work group can grant you access to Axess Timecard.
  • Supervisors review and approve timecards of their direct reports, based on entry in the PeopleSoft Reports To field; see your department administrator to update your list of direct reports.

To verify browsers recommended for Axess Timecard, review the Administrative System Browser Requirements web page. 

You'll find Tips for Using Axess on the UIT website.

Category How-to Instructions
  • Enter Time and Leave
    • Enter Time and Leave for Non-Exempt, Bargaining Unit, Contingent, and Hourly-Paid Student Workers
    • Enter Leave for Exempt Staff
Time and Leave Administrators

The following resources are available to time and leave administrators regarding the Axess Timecard.

Supervisors and administrators are automatically granted reporting access to their employee populations upon receiving access to Axess Timecard. Time and leave reports are available in the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Time and Leave reporting dashboard.

Available Reports

  • Timecard – Display employee timecard hours and time punch details for all employees by organization filtered as per prompt selection
  • Timecard Approvals – Display timecard approvals by department, manager and employee
  • Leave Summary – Display leave balances and Leave Accrual Summary Report
  • Leave Details – Display leave accrual details

Refer to Time & Leave Reporting in BI Job Aid for more information.

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024


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