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Axess Pay and Taxes

The Stanford Axess website is used by employees to securely access and manage their pay and tax information, such as direct deposit, pay statements, stop payment requests and information regarding Forms W-4 and W-2. For timecard information, refer to Axess Timecard.

For pay-related items, Stanford employees can use Axess to: 

  • Enroll in, update or cancel direct deposit. 
  • Securely access, view and download PDFs of current or past pay statements
  • Use the Paycheck Modeler to estimate their future net pay based on anticipated changes in earnings, deductions or tax withholding status.
  • Submit a Support Request to Payroll to stop payment and issue a replacement check if their paycheck has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

For tax-related items, Stanford employees can use Axess to:

  • Securely declare or update income tax withholding allowance elections, using IRS Form W-4 and the DE-4 Form (State of California). Applies to U.S. citizens, green card holders, resident aliens and nonresident aliens. Electronic W-2 Forms are available in Axess for employees at the following locations:
           • Employee Center for all current employees
           • My Axess for all current students and postdocs
           • Alumni Center for all graduates and former students
  • Order duplicate W-2 statements for those who no longer have access to Axess.

All employees automatically receive access to Axess.

For employees wanting to see their own pay, refer to How to: View Pay Statements.

Last Updated: Sep 2, 2022


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