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Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Gift Transmittals System

The Gift Transmittals system uses several shortcut keys for user convenience, which are described in the following table. Known browser conflicts are noted in the Limitations column, but all are subject to change as browser versions are updated. Shortcut keys have not been tested in Safari.

Page/Location Button Shortcut Key Limitations
New Gift Validate Donors Alt+V Office of Development (OOD) users only
New Gift View & Upload Attachments Alt+A Chrome and Firefox only
New Gift Cancel Alt+L  
New Gift Create Gift Alt+C  
Gift Transmittal Form Reject Alt+R  
Gift Transmittal Form Save as Draft Alt+Shift+D  
Gift Transmittal Form Save and Submit Alt+S  
Gift Transmittal Form Update Transmittal Alt+U  
Gift Transmittal Form Copy Transmittal Alt+C  
Gift Transmittal Form Return to Workflow Alt+W  
Gift Transmittal Form Change Transmittal Amount Alt+T  
Link to Another Transmittal ID Apply Changes Alt+C  
Validate Donors Save Donors as Draft Alt+S OOD users only
Validate Donors Validate Donor Alt+R OOD users only
Workflow Page Apply Changes Alt+C  
Workflow Page Validate Donor Alt+V OOD users only
Reference Number Apply Changes Alt+C Development Services (DS) only
Left navigation tabs Gift Transmittal Home Alt+H Chrome browser only
Left navigation tabs New Gift Alt+N  
Left navigation tabs Gift Inquiry Alt+I  
Left navigation tabs View & Upload Attachments Alt+A Chrome and Firefox only
Left navigation tabs Gift Transmittal Form Alt+M  
Left navigation tabs Reference Number Alt+Y DS Only
Left navigation tabs Gift Transmittal Workflow Alt+W  
Left navigation tabs Link Gift Transmittals Alt+L  
Left navigation tabs Back to Search Results Alt+B  


Last Updated: Jul 6, 2020


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