As an alternative to Certain, Merchant Services (MS) has a master service agreement with Eventbrite. Eventbrite is an easy-to-use event management solution that offers a suite of services to facilitate online meeting promotion, registration, payment collection and reporting. It is a self-service tool requiring staff within your department to support the event workflow. A merchant account is required to collect event registration fees, and your department is responsible for the reconciliation of the collected event revenue and fees.

All Stanford faculty and staff are eligible to use Eventbrite for university-related paid and free events. For those departments who currently use Certain, you have the option to switch from Certain to Eventbrite. For student organizations, please visit the Stanford Student Affairs Eventbrite page for more information.

Eventbrite services are based around a series of self-explanatory templates that allow a department to develop a customized meeting registration site. A help portal, online and offline resources and live training are all available from Eventbrite. Some of the features include:

  • Customize features of the event webpage
  • Stanford-negotiated discounted pricing structure
  • Sell tickets or registrations
  • Public or private group by invitation
  • General admission or reserved seating
  • Promote the event; integrate with social media
  • Allow attendees to easily communicate directly with the event manager
  • Robust mobile app for attendees and organizers
  • Absorb the fees or pass them on to customers
  • Scalable from small to large campus activities
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics to manage an activity or event

To learn more about the capabilities of Eventbrite, visit the Eventbrite website.

There is no cost for using Eventbrite for free events with no financial transactions. For paid events, departments must go through MS to take advantage of the negotiated pricing.

Fee Categories Paid Events
Details Timing
Eventbrite Service Fee 2 percent of paid registration/ticket value + $1.50 capped at $5.00*
*can absorb or pass on to customers
Monthly billing statement available in Eventbrite portal to be paid by department’s PCard Gateway Fee
  • One-time gateway setup fee: $10 
  • Monthly gateway fee: $15
  • Per-transaction fee: $0.10 
  • Per-batch fee: $0.10 
Monthly statement available in portal to be paid by department’s PCard
Card Processing Fee 2.5 to 3.0 percent of total event revenue Visa/MasterCard/Discover: Monthly (one-month delay) assessed by the bank
AMEX: Daily assessed by AMEX
Stanford Merchant Services Fee 0.8 percent of total event revenue Monthly iJournal to department PTA by MS


To use Eventbrite for paid events, you must complete both the Merchant Account Application and Eventbrite Application forms, then submit a Support Request to create a new account. Allow up to 2 business weeks for MS to review your request and create your merchant and Eventbrite accounts. Please note:

  • All event personnel with access to payment card information must complete annual PCI awareness training. Submit a Support Request for training enrollment.
  • If you already have an Eventbrite account for free events, contact MS or the account reconfiguration to take advantage of the negotiated pricing and use the required payment gateway.
  • Once your merchant and Eventbrite accounts are ready, follow the integration instructions to connect your event with your gateway account.
  • All accounting reports and reconciling of the event must be reviewed monthly. 

To add, modify or delete the user access to an existing merchant account, submit a Support Request. You can also add a sub-user to your Eventbrite account on your own. 

  • Electronically: Departments shall require customers to purchase event tickets through the customers’ personal devices. At no time will a department staff enter card information through the Administration Registration function of Eventbrite using the university-owned device (e.g., computer, tablet or smartphone).
  • On-site or face-to-face transactions: Departments can borrow loaner terminals from MS. Please complete the loaner terminal application form and submit a Support Request. Upon receiving an application, MS will reserve the terminal(s) subject to availability and coordinate the delivery schedule with the department.
  • Checks and cash: Please refer to the Cash Handling Policy for guidance.
  • Person-to-person payment methods, such as PayPal or Venmo: These are not permitted to be used for ticket sales.

Within Eventbrite software, you can issue a refund for a transaction settled up to 120 days from the transaction date. Refer to instructions in Refund and Cancel Individual Orders.

For a transaction settled over 120 days, you will need to refund the customer via a Stanford-issued check through the Expense Requests System (ERS). Record all refund transactions in Eventbrite for revenue reconciliation purposes.

Unlike Certain, the event revenue and card processing fees in Eventbrite will be automatically deposited to departments’ Eventbrite merchant account PTAs. Event owners are responsible for reconciling that the revenue and fees posted to their account matches what is recorded in Eventbrite.  Notify us if there are any discrepancies. 

The following is an overview of the revenue and fee posting process along with a list of reports that you can run for reconciliation:

  • Registrant can pay via credit or debit card
  • Event owners may issue refunds in Eventbrite
  • Event revenue and card processing fees are automatically deposited to the Eventbrite merchant account’s PTA
    • Event revenue and refunds are posted daily.
    • AMEX fees are posted daily.
    • Visa/MasterCard/Discover fees have a one-month lag.
  • MS runs Merchant Account Bank Reports from Wells Fargo Clientline/Business Track
  • MS posts PCI fee journal in Oracle for the journal month
  • Event owners review Eventbrite sales reports and compare with Oracle and bank reports to validate the deposited amounts. The following items can cause unreconciled items:
An image showing Eventbrite, Oracle GL and Bank/Gateway Reports

For Eventbrite training information and product support, visit the Eventbrite Help Center. Here are some training videos to help you get started with event setup using the Eventbrite platform:

Once you have gone through these videos, you can reach out to Donna Kumar, Eventbrite technical client success manager, if you have any follow-up questions. Eventbrite also provides 24/7 free phone and email support.


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