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Record Gifts

Most donor gifts arriving at or transferred to any part of the university should be initiated in the Gift Transmittals System by a trained and authorized user; however, not all donor gifts are processed using the Gift Transmittals System, and not all checks that arrive at Stanford are considered gifts. Refer to Topic Overview: Types of University Receipts for additional information and guidance on determining the type of receipt.

Use the following guidance  to determine the proper  method to process and record the gift, receipt or payment.

For information about gift funds, refer to Topic Overview: Donor Gifts.
For detailed instructions about gift handling, refer to Administrative Guide Policy 4.2.1: Receiving and Processing Gifts. This includes explicit requirements for document handling (don’t throw away the envelope with date stamp) and forwarding of material to the Development Services Department in the Office of Development (OOD), which initiates a transaction in the Gift Transmittals System. That system notifies the recipient org to complete additional processing steps in the Gift Transmittals System.

Research existing gift funds using the following inquiry tools to determine if any have a purpose that is appropriate to accept the new gift, or if you can find examples of prior similar gifts and to which funds they were deposited.

With the award number, use the following table to determine how to process the receipt. The award number may suggest the receipt is not actually a gift.

Processing by Award Type (Gifts and Others)

Awards Starting with... Award Type How Processed
G, H, JA-JL Expendable Gifts Gift Transmittals
JZ Expendable Pending Designation Gift Transmittals
KA-KX, N Endowment Gift Transmittals
KZ Endowment Pending Gift Transmittals
X Plant/Facilities (Capital Projects) Gift Transmittals
ZB Agency: Hospital; ASSU Gift Transmittals
*EA-FZ Designated Revenue

Use Affiliate Income Transmittal Form and forward to Development Services. While this is tracked in PostGrads Interactive (PGI), it is not entered in the Gift Transmittals System.

For Everything else, refer to How to: Process and Deposit Department Receipts

KY, JY Donor Advised Funds (DAF) Office of Planned Giving
*PA-WZ Sponsored Project Office of Sponsored Research
*ZA Student Loans Office of Financial Aid
ZC, ZN, ZT Trusts, Life Income Office of Planned Giving

*These award types are not for gifts.

The Gift Transmittals System is used to process deposits of gifts to Stanford awards. Separate systems are used to keep track of stewardship in order to record who has given what and track pledges and pledge payments.

Approval Requirements
  • If a gift is $1,000 or less or to an annual fund, no department or school/unit approval is required – add/remove approver function not available.
  • If a gift is between $1,000 and $19,999, one approval from either department or school/unit is required.
  • If a gift is $20,000 or more, school/unit approval is required.
  • If a gift is $100,000 or more, VP of Development approval is required.

Refer to Receive Funds for a more complete list of options. If you receive any of the following, please follow the alternative instructions.

Checks/Receipts Not Initiated in Gift Transmittals

Do not Initiate in Gift Transmittals Alternative Instructions
Corporate Matching Forward to Development Services
Gifts to Stanford Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) Contact the Office of Planned Giving
Gifts-in-Kind (including Real Estate) Contact the Office of Planned Giving
Gifts to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital or Pediatrics Contact the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health
Gifts to Hillel, Stanford Jazz Workshop, Children's Center of the Stanford Community, or other separate nonprofits that operate on campus Forward standalone gifts to their addresses. If the gift is part of a larger check amount, contact Development Services.
Life Income Gifts (Trusts) Contact the Office of Planned Giving
Highly Anonymous gifts – donor does not want name recorded anywhere in the system Email Development Services for guidance
Recurring Credit Card Gifts (RCCs) Call Development Services at 1-650-725-4360. Never send credit card numbers via email.
Requests to transfer funds from Pending Fund or Donor Advised Funds Email Morgan Mills at @email in the Vice President for Development's office
Stanford Alumni Association Membership payments; payments for Sierra Camp, Travel/Study or other SAA Programs

Forward to:
SAA Membership & Partnerships
326 Galvez St.
Stanford, CA 94305-6105

Send email to: @email


Last Updated: Nov 18, 2022