This course is for individuals responsible for processing monetary gifts using Stanford's Gift Transmittals system, including gift initiators and gift approvers. Completion of this  Required for Gift User authority in the Gift Transmittals system.

By taking this course you'll learn:

  • To access the Gift Transmittal system
  • The basics of the Gift Transmittals process
  • How to initiate a new gift
  • How to track the processing of a gift using the Gift Transmittals workflow

Web (Self-paced)

Self-paced (approximately 45 minutes)

To access the system below, you must complete this course and be granted proper authority.

System Access
Gift Transmittals
Financial System > Self Service > SU Gift User

Prior to enrolling in this course, complete prerequisite courses in the learning path below.

FIN-0190: Initiating Gift Transmittals

Gift Transmittals
Financial System > Self Service > SU Gift User


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