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Review Checks Upon Receipt

Checks received for a variety of transactions must be carefully inspected for accounting and tax purposes. Any oversight can have adverse repercussions on the processing of receipts.

Review How To: Process and Deposit Department Receipts for further depositing information.

  1. The check should be made payable to Stanford University. If the check is not made payable to Stanford University, you must request a new check with Stanford included on the payee line of the check
  2. Checks should immediately be endorsed as noted, “For Deposit Only to Stanford University.” Include the appropriate project, fund and object code on the front of the check.
  3. To ensure appropriate separation of duties, individuals who reconcile cash and check receipts should not be the same as those who receive and prepare them for deposit.

  1. Review and confirm that all the following information be included on the check
    • Name
    • Current address
    • Current date
    • Amount in words and numbers
    • Signature
    • Payer’s contact information
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2022


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