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Request an Outgoing Wire Transfer or ACH Payment

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments are electronic fund transfers (EFT) between banks. These payments are used for all kinds of fund transfer transactions, including direct deposit of paychecks and business-to-business payments. ACH operations are done in a batch mode, and normally take 24 to 72 hours for transfer of funds. ACH Payments and wire transfers can be requested through Expense Requests or iProcurement with the required information provided to Payment Services.

Request a Wire Transfer or ACH Payment

Decide which method of payment is appropriate.

  • ACH Payments: Efficient, cost effective and preferred over wire transfers when funds can be electronically transferred. Typically, a supplier or payee will specify when they wish to be paid by ACH. Most governmental agencies transfer funds via ACH when transactions involve large institutions like Stanford. ACH payment funds typically arrive the next day.
  • Wire transfer: This method should only be used when it is the only acceptable method of payment. Items that can only be paid by wire transfer include payments to countries where mail delivery is unreliable or banking restrictions pose problems.
    • Funds will be transferred immediately. Wire Transfer funds typically arrive the same day if requested before 12 p.m. PT
    • Payment to be made is greater than $1,000
    • Payments for less than $1,000 to other countries (such as European countries) should be made by check or foreign draft whenever possible (ACH is available to the USA and Canada only)

Outgoing wires may be requested as a Special Payment Handling Option in Expense Requests (expense report/reimbursements) or specified on the invoice.

  1. Indicate the method of payment:
    • Specify Wire Transfer or ACH method in the Special Payment Handling Option step when requesting an expense report/reimbursement in Expense Requests
    • Or, specify Wire Transfer or ACH method as notation when creating Standard Non-Catalog purchase requisition in iProcurement

  1. Payee provides the electronic fund transfer instructions via the secure Supplier and Payee Request Portal
  2. Domestic electronic fund transfer instructions provided by the vendor must include:
    • Name of the Bank
    • Address of the Bank
    • ABA Number
    • Name of the Account Holder
    • Account Number
  3. Foreign electronic fund transfer instructions must include:
    • Name of the Bank
    • Address of the Bank (including street address, city and state/province, country
    • BIC/SWIFT Code
    • Account Number (IBAN for transfers to the United Kingdom or if the payment is in Euros, CLAB number if the transfer is to Mexico)
    • Exact name of the Account Holder as it appears on their bank account

  • For expense reports and Non-PO payment requests: Request Special Payment Handling on the expense report/reimbursement or Non-PO payment request. The Supplier Enablement team will contact the supplier/payee to collect the wire or ACH information securely via the Supplier/Payee Request Portal Do not attach, email or fax wire or ACH payment information with the transaction
  • For payments against invoices: Include the vendor’s email for Accounts Payable to send the Secure Vendor Portal instructions referencing the Purchase Requisition number

Required: The instructions must reference the appropriate Expense Requests transaction number or Purchase Requisition Number to expedite any research or searches that may be required by the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) or the Bank.

What Happens Next?
  • Once approved, Disbursements will forward electronic transfer requests and instructions to Cash Management for transfer of funds
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2023