The university's standard method of processing and depositing departmental check receipts is electronically through Stanford CASHNet. However, departments that receive check receipts involving sponsored research, other sponsored activities and clinical trials (awards in the range PAAAA-VZZZZ) require particular care. These receipts are typically handled directly by Sponsored Receivables Management (SRM). Departments that receive sponsored receipts on a regular basis should consult with the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) to arrange the most efficient method for handling these receipts.

Staff involved in sponsored research must complete Cardinal Curriculum Level I.

It is important to understand the difference between gifts and sponsored projects. Both sponsored projects and gift-funded activities are externally-supported, with funds provided typically in response to a request or proposal. The classification of funding as a "gift" or "sponsored project" will affect, among other things, the way Stanford University accounts for the funds, calculates and applies indirect (F and A (Facilities and Administrative )) costs and reports on the use of the funds to the sponsor or donor. For more information to help differentiate the two, visit ORA’s Gift vs. Sponsored Projects. Additionally, refer to the Gift or Support for a Sponsored Project Checklist for more information.

  1. Review the check carefully for accounting and tax purposes (refer to How To: Review Checks Upon Receipt)
  2. Make a PDF copy of the check and the backup
Deposit a Check
  1. Forward checks and any remittance advices or backup received by a department for payment on sponsored projects to the Sponsored Receivables Lock Box for deposit: 

Please do not mail or hand deliver checks to the ORA or SRM office. Payments are to be made payable to Stanford University and mailed to the Sponsored Receivables Lockbox. Likewise, the sponsor should be instructed to send checks directly to the Sponsored Receivables Lockbox.

Visit the Office of Sponsored Research website for wire transfer information.

EFT Transfer

For EFT transfers via ACH or wire, the bank information is below. For identification, please include in the message field what the payment is for,  such as:

  • Research project title
  • Agreement or study number
  • Invoice number,
  • Award or SPO number
  • Name of the Principal Investigator

Bank Information for EFT Transfers

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Address: 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94163
Swift Code (Foreign): WFBIUS6S
Sort/Routing/ABA (Domestic): 121000248
Bank Account: Email RCM (Receivables/Cash Management) to obtain the bank account number

  1. Make sure that each check payment reference:
    • Research project title
    • Agreement or study number
    • Invoice number
    • Award or SPO number 
    • Name of the PI (Principle Investigator)
  2. Email the PDF copy of the check and the backup to SRM to ensure that the check is received and properly applied
What Happens Next?

Most sponsored activity receipts appear only as "payment amount" on accounts receivable reports, typically on the day after they have been processed by OSR Accounts Receivable. For clinical trials and most foundational grants, sponsored receipts also show as "receipts" on fund reports. Expenditure reports should show the full budget amount approved by the sponsoring agency, regardless of when the revenue is recognized.


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