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Process Gifts from Different Sources for the Same New Fund in Gift Transmittals

When a new gift fund has more than one source, a gift transmittal must be created for each source. Only one new fund request needs to be initiated and completed in Oracle, and it can be used to process all other gift transmittals for that fund.

Process Gifts from Different Sources for the Same New Fund

Gather all gift  information and documentation from each gift source.

  1. Initiate gift transmittal in Oracle Financials > Gift Transmittals system 
  2. Complete gift transmittal
    • Specify to deposit gift in a new account/fund
  3. Select Save and Submit
  4. Send first gift and all related documentation, such as letters, notes and gift envelope, to Development Services
    • Check and credit card gift forms can be sent via courier
    • Cash gifts must be hand-delivered


  1. Initiate gift transmittal in Oracle Financials
  2. Complete gift transmittal information but do not submit 
    • Specify to deposit gift in an existing account/fund 
  3.  Select Save as draft
    Do not link this transmittal to the first gift transmittal because they are from different sources. The draft transmittal will remain in your queue to complete later.
  4. Send second gift with all related documentation to Development Services
  5. Repeat Steps 2a-2d for each additional gift transmittal for the same fund

  1. Obtain new fund information from the email notification once the new fund for the first gift transmittal is opened
  2. Log in to Oracle Financials > Gift Transmittals
  3. Access the draft for the second gift transmittal
  4. Enter the newly created fund information (refer to How to: Complete a Gift Transmittal; Step 5 - Specify New or Existing Account Information).
  5. Complete the transmittal by selecting Save and Submit
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2023


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