Departments that receive cash should record it in Stanford CASHNet and deliver it to any Wells Fargo Bank branch. Stanford CASHNet is the standard method of recording cash receipts. It is the most convenient and accurate method because it streamlines the transmittal information for reviewing deposit details and history. Access to cash should be restricted to only the appropriate department personnel.

Departments that receive cash or checks on a regular basis should consult with Cash Management to arrange the most efficient method for handling receipts.

CASHNet Access: Departments will need access to Stanford CASHNet before processing cash receipts. Refer to Stanford CASHnet to learn more information. 

  1. Separate paper bills by denomination into stacks of 20 and secure each with a rubber band. Stacks containing less than 20 bills can be secured with a paperclip. Any cash payment of more than $10,000 resulting from the university's trade or business must be reported to the university's Tax Department using IRS Form 8300.
  2. Separate the coins by denomination. Only use pre-printed coin wrappers if you have enough coins to fill the wrapper completely. Fill coin wrappers with the exact amount of coins indicated on the wrapper for each denomination.

  1. Run two adding machine tapes. If you use NCR tape, you will automatically get two copies
  2. Indicate the coin denomination on the left side of the tape by keying the denomination followed by the pound sign (#). It will print out in reverse order like this: #50, #25
  3. Key the total amount for each denomination
  4. Stamp or write the department's name on the bottom of the tape

  1. Record cash deposits in CASHNet for reporting and documentation

  1. Deliver the same day by hand to Wells Fargo bank at Tresidder Memorial Union branch or any Wells Fargo branch.
  2. Do not send through interdepartmental mail or USPS.
  3. Contact the Department of Public Safety at 650-723-9633 if you would like to schedule an escort to the bank.
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Last Updated: Aug 24, 2020


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