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Export Gift Transmittal Data to Excel

You can export gift transmittal data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using a Donor Type or Transmittal Type export.

Export Gift Transmittal Data to Excel

Obtain the gift transmittal information you want to export.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Gift User
  2. Select Gift Processing
  3. Read the Gift Transmittals Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Select Proceed

From Gifts Home Page
  1. Under the Gifts Requiring Your Action section, find the gift transmittal record
    • Select Next to page through the records, if needed
  2. Select the Transmittal Id link that requires your action
Using Gift Inquiry
  1. Select Gift Inquiry from top left menu
  2. Enter information about the gift at the top of the page as search criteria 
  3. Select Search 
  4. From the Gift Transmittal Form column, select the Gift Transmittal ID number

  1. Once the desired transmittals are displayed, select Transmittal or Donor Information from the Export Type drop-down list
  2. Select Download to Excel 
  3. Select Save or Open
  4. Select OK
What Happens Next?
  • A spreadsheet that is sorted based on Transmittal Form or Donor Type is generated.
Last Updated: Jul 6, 2020


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