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Complete a Gift Transmittal

A gift transmittal must be initiated in the Gift Transmittals system before the gift transmittal can be completed. See How To: Initiate New Gift Transmittal. No changes can be made to a gift transmittal once it has been completed.

  • Make sure you have authority to complete a gift transmittal. 
  • Make sure you have access to the following documents, which should have been gathered and saved to a single pdf file before the gift transmittal was initiated in the system:
    • Original donor letter and/or pledge documentation for pledge payments
    • Original, postmarked envelope (required at all times of the year)
    • Payment documents (e.g., a check, document of the received wire transfer, securities documents for the sale of the stock, credit card gift form or, for cash, a copy of the Cash Receipt Certificate Form)

New capital funds cannot be requested through Gift Transmittals or PTA Manager. If the gift you are processing requires a new capital fund, save the transmittal as a draft and email Vanessa Truong at @email in Capital Accounting to request the fund. Be sure to attach a copy of the donor documentation to your email. Once the fund is opened, complete the gift transmittal by entering the newly created fund and selecting Save and Submit.
If you initiated the gift transmittal, start with Step 5

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Gift User
  2. Select Gift Processing
  3. Read the Gift Transmittals Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Select Proceed

From Gifts Home Page
  1. Under the Gifts Requiring Your Action section, find the gift transmittal record
    • Select Next to page through the records, if needed
  2. Select the Transmittal Id link that requires your action
Using Gift Inquiry
  1. Select Gift Inquiry from top left menu
  2. Enter information about the gift at the top of the page as search criteria 
  3. Select Search 
  4. From the Gift Transmittal Form column, select the Gift Transmittal ID number

  1. Select Attachments tab from top left menu
  2. Select Document Name to review previously uploaded documents
  3. Browse to Upload additional documents as needed
  4. Select Close after reviewing/uploading all needed documents
    Removing a document is a permanent action, and the document cannot be retrieved.

Deposit Gift in New Account/Fund
  1. Select New Fund from DEPOSIT GIFT IN NEW OR EXISTING FUND drop-down list
    If you need to change Award Owning Org, select Reassign.
  2. Enter Proposed Fund Title
  3. Enter Department Administrator
    The chosen department administrator will receive an email notification when it is time to initiate the PTA setup process in PTA Manager.
Deposit Gift in Existing Account/Fund
  1. Select Existing Fund from DEPOSIT GIFT IN NEW OR EXISTING FUND drop-down list
    If you need to change Award Owning Org, select Reassign.
  2. Enter five-letter Fund code
    If you do not know the code, click in the drop-down box to show options; narrow the list by typing words from the fund’s name. Select the award from the drop-down menu once it appears.
  3. Select Fund Authorization to view fund information, if needed

If the total is incorrect or needs to be split with another award, you can change the gift transmittal total.

  1. Select Save as Draft at the bottom of the screen before making any permanent changes.
  2. Select Change Transmittal Total 
  3. Enter New Transmittal Amount
  4. Select Submit

  1. Select the Transmittal has a Non-Gift portion checkbox
  2. Enter Non-Gift Amount
  3. Enter Non-Gift Org
  4. Enter Non-Gift Fund
  5. Enter Non-Gift Project
  6. Enter Non-Gift Task
  7. Enter Revenue Object
  8. Transmittal Gift Amount automatically updates
    Click in the drop-down box to show options, narrow the list by typing any known information and select each entry from the drop-down once it appears 
  9. If you are completing a gift transmittal for a School of Medicine org code, select the Check checkbox only if this provides commercial support for the School of Medicine

  1. Select Yes or No to the question: Is the funding provided by an individual (not an organization)?
    • If Yes, go to Step 9
    • If No, continue questionnaire
  2. Select Yes or No to the question about donor type
    • If any answer is Yes, go to Step 9 (transmittal will be rejected when submitted)
    • If all answers are No, continue questionnaire
  3. Select Yes or No to questions about award terms
    • If any of the first three answers is Yes, go to Step 9 (transmittal will be rejected when submitted)
    • If all answers are No, or the only Yes is to Other questionable terms, continue questionnaire
  4. Select the General or Broad option for each item under Reporting Requirements
    Depending on your answers, the Gift Transmittal will be accepted, rejected as a sponsored award, or routed to the Office of Sponsored Research or the Research Management Group for review. For additional information, see Job aid for Determining Whether Funding is a Gift or Support for a Sponsored Project on the DoResearch website.

  1. Select Yes or No from the drop-down list to indicate if the gift is a personal gift made by a faculty member in support of his/her own research
  2. Select Yes/Uncertain or No to Is the donor a for-profit organization?
  3. If you selected Yes/Uncertain, select Recipient Type  as Faculty or Non Faculty. For Faculty, you must enter Recipient

  1. Review each statement and select each checkbox that applies to the gift
  2. For any statements not checked, provide reasons in the Originator Comments box at the bottom

  1. Verify that all required documents have been uploaded
    • Follow specific instructions included for each payment type.
    • Removing a document is a permanent action, and the document cannot be retrieved.
  2. To upload additional documents, see Step 4

If the approval section has a red asterisk (*), an approver is required. Required approvers are different (e.g., department versus school/unit) based on the amount of the gift. Review Gift Transmittals Approval Requirements.

  1. Select Add/Remove Approvers 
  2. Select Approver Type from drop-down list
  3. Enter Approver Name
    If you do not know the Approver’s name, click in the drop-down box to see a list of all available approvers.
  4. If more than one approver is required, select Add Another Approver and repeat Step b and c
    Department approvers must be entered before school/unit approvers or you will receive an error message.
  5. Select OK

Take one of the following actions:

  • Select Save As Draft to complete at a later date
  • Select Save and Submit to submit the gift transmittal
    If you selected Yes or Detailed to certain questions in the Questionnaire, a Rejection Notification window will display upon selecting Save and Submit
  • Select Reject to permanently remove the gift transmittal transaction (including removal of all associated attachments)
    All Gift Transmittal rejections must be approved by Development Services. 
What Happens Next?
  • The status of the Transmittal Form changes from "Incomplete" to "In Review" and can be found in the GIFT TRANSMITTALS IN PROCESS section on the Gifts Home page.
  • If you selected Yes or Detailed to certain questions in the Questionnaire, follow the instructions displayed in the Rejection Notification window after selecting Save and Submit
    • Contact the assigned Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Contract and Grant Officer (CGO) for your school/department.
    • If you have received a check, please send it to the identified officer. After the OSR Officer has received the check, it is their responsibility to investigate and initiate any required sponsored proposal or awarding procedures.
  • The Gift Transmittals system will determine if a Conflict of Interest (COI) document is required from the faculty member based on the entry. Refer to How to: Complete the Conflict of Interest Task in Gift Transmittals. The transmittal can’t move forward until this step is completed. 
  • Only the person who has the gift transmittal in his/her queue can attach additional documents. If you need to attach another document into an existing gift that is currently being processed in the Gift Transmittals system, forward the documents to this individual or contact the individual to return the Gift Transmittal to your queue.
  • If you need the gift transmittals returned, contact the person whose queue the Gift Transmittal is currently in and ask them to return it to you. Please email Development Services at @email if it is in Development Services’' queue.
  • After specifying the gift needs a new fund in completing the gift transmittal, but further review indicates an existing fund may be used instead, the new fund setup process can be stopped by the Department Administrator assigned to the existing fund in PTA Manager. The award will appear in Gift Transmittals and advance the status of the transmittal  once the change is made in PTA Manager.
Last Updated: Jul 20, 2021


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