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Claim Unidentified Receipts

Unidentified Receipts are incoming funds received by Stanford that cannot be reconciled and applied back to an organization or specific receiving account. Unidentified Receipts occur when the Office of the Treasurer or Payment Services did not receive sufficient and valid remittance details (such as a PTA or recipient department) with the incoming payment. The receipt cannot be applied to the proper organization without these details. Unidentified Receipts can be received by Stanford in both paper (checks) and electronic (Automated Clearing House ACH credits or wire transfers) format.

While the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) and Payment Services continues to identify and apply incoming receipts using automated and manual processes, the Unidentified Receipts site includes instructions that are designed to complement these processes. The secure portal on this site allows users to locate and claim their unapplied receipts in a timely fashion. Users will need to have an active SUNet ID to access the portal. For further details regarding access and instructions, review How To: Claim Unidentified Receipts.

Receipts that have not been claimed for two years or more will be transferred to the General Fund. Claims may still be made by submitting a support request to  OOT with documentation to show award ownership, amount and date of receipt and the GL information (Project, Task, Award, Expenditure Type or Object Code) to book the receipts.

When a receipt is claimed for an award, an email will be sent to the award owner for review and approval. The revenue journal and fund transfer approval hierarchy in Authority Manager will be used to identify the approver. Oracle workflow starts looking for an approver for the specific Fund/Award (Level 1 below) and then continues to subsequent levels as needed until an authorized approver is identified.

If the claim is approved, an automated transaction will be generated in Oracle and the receipt will be viewable in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Financial reports the next business day. If the claim is rejected, the status of the receipt in Unidentified Receipts will change from "In Process" to available for "Claim."

The Unidentified Receipts Oracle site  currently does not accept an expenditure type/code that begins with a “5” to claim funds. Customers need to book their transaction(s) to an alternative Project, Award, and Object code (non 5 series such as a clearing account) and then create a manual reclass journal to allocate their funds where needed. There is no way around this rule in Oracle.  OOT cannot advise on what Project, Award, and Object code to use as an alternative. We suggest that departments use a clearing account Object code if they have one.

  • Ensure new employees are trained to use the Unidentified Receipts site to claim receipts.
  • Please include identifying information with the payment in the addenda or description field on Unidentified Receipts. Without valid remittance details, the receipt cannot be applied to the proper organization or receiving account. 
  • Periodically check the Unidentified Receipts site to ensure the department doesn’t lose funds that it owns. Unclaimed deposits cannot benefit a department’s budget. Receipts that have not been claimed for two years or more are swept into the General Fund.


To ensure that incoming electronic payments made to the university are properly identified and booked, refer to Topic Overview: Incoming Wire Transfer and ACH Payment

Refer to Topic Overview: Deposit Cash and Checks for more information on deposit methods and processes.

For assistance with claiming missing and/or unidentified funds, submit a support request.

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2022