A supplier is defined as an individual or organization that provides goods or services on a limited or potentially ongoing basis to Stanford through an agreed exchange of money or service. Payees, also referred to as visitors, are individuals who are not university employees but typically receive a small, one-time payment from the university. Payees may include Stanford Hospital employees and emeritus staff who are not on payroll.

Before a purchase or payment is made, the supplier or payee must have an active record in the university’s Supplier Query and Request System, which is located in SU Inquiry Tools and Forms within Oracle Financials. 

Schools and units should check to see if a supplier or payee is active in the Supplier Query and Request System before making a new request. If the supplier exists in the database, no setup is required and the requester may use that existing supplier record to complete their payment or purchase requisition.

Domestic visitors may be reimbursed for non-tax reportable travel expenses of $1,000 or less through Digital Payments, which generally does not require setup in the supplier/payee database. To learn more, refer to the Topic Overview: Digital Payments.

The process for setting up a new supplier or payee record includes the following five steps:

Before selecting a supplier or payee, schools and units should refer to Topic Overview: Selecting a Supplier to assess the appropriateness and risk implications of engaging a new supplier. 

Additionally, schools and units must understand and comply with policies governing how suppliers are selected at Stanford (Administrative Guide 5.1.1: Procurement Policies) and overall purchasing policies and guidelines

After verifying that the supplier or payee requires setup, the Stanford department preparer starts the setup process by submitting a request. See How to: Make a Supplier or Payee Request

The requester can monitor the status of their supplier setup request through the Supplier Query and Request tool. See How to: View Pending Supplier or Payee Requests

Once a school or unit submits a request for a new supplier/payee record, Vendor Services will email the supplier or payee directly (or, in the case of a foreign visitor payee, the requester may choose to serve as the authorized agent) with an email containing a secure portal link. Once the supplier or authorized agent (if applicable) has accessed the secure portal, they need to create a profile, provide necessary company information and upload required documentation. 

See information for:

If the department is requesting a new supplier, the requester should notify their supplier contact that they will receive an onboarding email invitation. Onboarding email invitations are deactivated if they are not returned within 30 days. To reactivate a request after 30 days, contact the Financial Support Center

Once a supplier accesses the secure portal and provides all required information, Vendor Services will review and validate the supplier record to ensure it is configured appropriately. If all required information is not initially provided, the supplier setup process can be delayed.

As part of this review, Vendor Services ensures that the requested supplier is eligible to do business with Stanford and that the request and documentation conforms to legal, regulatory and policy requirements.

Vendor Services may reach out to the Stanford requester or to the supplier directly to request additional information about a planned engagement.

The requester will receive an email notification when the supplier’s record setup is complete.

All suppliers should immediately notify Stanford of any changes to essential business information, such as address or payment method. If the supplier has an active record in the Stanford Supplier and Payee Registry, they are expected to manage their records proactively.

The updates that can be made to a supplier or payee record in the university's supplier/payee database and who can make them depends on the supplier or payee type (e.g., domestic individual, foreign individual, domestic company or foreign company). To learn more, refer to Topic Overview: Update Supplier and Payee Records