Depending on what you are buying and how much you are spending, one or more approvals may be required prior to your purchase requisition being approved and the PO being created.

Rules apply to change orders as well.

Required approvers will be added automatically to the requisition when it's submitted or must be added manually by the requisitioner.*

If Then
If your Requisition was created using the Non-Catalog form and includes one or more of the following:
  • Is greater than or equal to $25,000
  • Includes Moderate or High Risk elements
  • Indicates a signature on behalf of Stanford is required
  • Is related to a SubAward

Then it will require approval from one or more:

  • Central Purchasing Services (Intake)
  • Office of Sponsored Research Administrator (Subawards only)
(and/or) If your Requisition:
  • Includes a purchase of Alcohol (for research purposes)
  • Includes a purchase of Capital Equipment
  • Includes a Lease
Then it will require approval from either:
  • Authorized Department Alcohol Approver (for purchase of Alcohol)
  • Department Property Administrator (DPA)*
(and/or) If any line on your requisition is:
  • Is greater than or equal to $5,000
  • If requisition amount is greater than your self approval authority
Then it will require approval from:
  • Department PTA Approver, other than yourself
(and/or) If your Requisition has any of the following:
Capital Project elements
  • Engineering Research elements
  • Requisition Expenditure Type includes Capital Equipment Purchase or Lease
Then it will require approval from one or more:
  • Capital Accounting Administration
  • Capital Project Management Office
  • Engineering Research Administration
If your Requisition includes None of the above Requisition Approved 



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