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Purchasing and Payment Methods Summary

This page provides an overview of the purchasing and payment methods at Stanford. For more information on these methods, see Topic Overview: Purchasing and Payment Methods.

Purchasing Methods

Method Description
Amazon Business Stanford’s business account with Amazon, available in iProcurement. All purchases will be assigned to a Stanford account (i.e., designated PTA and Expenditure Type) during checkout.
SmartMart Catalog Suppliers Stanford's online catalog ordering system, available in iProcurement, which includes products offered from pre-negotiated suppliers.
SmartMart Contracts Stanford’s system, available in iProcurement, for initiating contract requests for transactions that require a Stanford signature, including $0 agreements.
Non-Catalog Requisitions For any purchases outside of the Amazon Business or SmartMart Catalog (including Contracts, which are initiated in SmartMart Contracts). This is the starting point for purchase orders.

Payment Methods

Method Description
Digital Payments Electronic payments directly to a recipient’s bank account initiated through the Expense Requests system.
Non-PO Payment (Direct Payment) Payments through the Expense Request system that can pay for certain expenses directly.
Purchasing Cards (PCards) University-paid credit cards used to make eligible purchases of $4,999 or less. 
Travel Cards (TCards) University-paid credit cards used only for eligible travel-related purchases. 

Reimbursement Methods

Method Description
Expense Report / Reimbursement Through the Expense Request system, process reimbursements to employees and visitors for business and travel expenses. 
Petty Cash Departments can reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenditures up to $100.
Travel Advance Initiated through the Expense Request System to reimburse out-of-pocket travel expenses before the trip occurs.
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023
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