Requisitions greater than or equal to $25,000 will be automatically routed to the Contracts Team.

If the requisition is under $25,000, and is for one of the types of services listed below or if a contract is requested by the supplier, the preparer must select YES to the question at the bottom of the Non-Catalog Request page, 

  • “Does your attachment(s) require Stanford Procurement signature?” 

Selecting YES to this question automatically routes the Requisition to the Contracts Team for review. 

Requisitions for one of the following types of services, even if under $25,000, may require a bilateral contract due to the potential for increased risk to Stanford and the department:

  • Construction (any change to a building's interior or exterior)
  • Architectural engineering/design
  • Charters (buses, planes, boats, etc.)
  • Consulting on an area that presents substantial risk to the university (e.g., tax guidance)
  • Any supplier who will access, create, store or transmit any Confidential, Moderate Risk or High Risk data, as defined by the Stanford Data Classifications
  • Any supplier that provides a digital user interface that is intended to present, display, or allow for the interaction with university or student information as part of the programs or activities of the university.
  • Foreign independent contractor (outside US, or scope of work is outside US)
  • Removal of hazardous materials (e.g., asbestos, lead, pesticides)
  • Reimbursement to another entity, such as a hospital or academic institution (e.g., for visiting doctors and professors)
  • Complex/custom legal terms required to protect Stanford/the requesting department that are unique to the project (e.g. intellectual property terms)
  • Increased risk of bodily harm or property damage to third parties (e.g. tree trimming services)
  • Provision and/or transport of gas or chemicals
  • Services that require supplier interaction with minors
  • Services that require supplier access to occupied residence halls

Refer to Topic Overview: When a Contract is Required for more information.


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