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View the Status of a SmartMart Contract

Follow these instructions to view the status of your procurement contract request in SmartMart Contracts.  

Before You Start

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Internet Procurement
  2. Select SmartMart Catalog Supplier & Contracts

  1. Hover over the Award Icon on the far left
  2. Hover over Search to be able to select Search Contracts
search contracts
  1. In the search page: enter the Contract Name, Contract Number or 2nd Party Name (Supplier)  

    Example of Search Results:

Contracts meeting the search criteria are included in the Contract Search Results. Click on Open Summary on the far right to identify the Contract Advisor for this contract file.

  1. View the status of the contract request or contract. Possible statuses include:
Type Status Definition
Contract Request Incomplete Has not been submitted
Contract Request Under Review Contracts Intake team reviewing
Contract Request Completed Contracts Intake Team has completed their review
Contract Request Returned Reviewed and returned by the Contracts Team for additional information or instructions
Contract File Draft A contract file has been created and is in a working status
Contract File Pending Approval

The contract file is in approval workflow and is either awaiting financial approval from Oracle, or waiting for the Contracts team to begin work after receiving financial approval from Oracle 

Contract File Pending Signature Contract document is awaiting e-signature
Contract File Out for Signature Contract document has been sent by the e-signature system to the people who will sign
Contract Document Executed - Future Contract document has been signed, but the start date of the contract is in the future
Contract Document Executed - In Effect Contract document has been signed and the start date of the contract has passed

Contract Document

Expired End date of the contract has passed
Contract Document Terminated Contract has been ended prior to the end date of the contract
Contract Document Archived Contract File has been hidden from search results
  1. Click Approvals to view Approval Status


Note: If the status of the contract is Out For Signature and with the supplier, then it is recommended to contact the supplier to facilitate the eSign process. To determine the current state of the contract’s signatures, view the eSignature tab and select the info icon (to view the time stamp), as shown below:



What Happens Next?

As needed, reach out to the Contract Advisor for the contract. See How to: Use Message Tools Within SmartMart Contracts for step by step instructions.

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2023


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