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View Pending Supplier or Payee Requests

This page explains the required steps for viewing pending supplier and payee requests. 

View Pending Supplier/Payee Requests

A request for a new supplier/payee record, an activation request for an existing supplier/payee or a new site address request should have already been made by a university employee using the Supplier Query and Request tool.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. In the Navigator section, select SU Inquiry Tools and Forms
  2. Select Supplier Query and Request

  1. Select the three-line symbol (hamburger) at the top left corner of the screen to expand the menu: 
  1. To search for and update current payee/suppliers, select Search/Maintain Payees
  1. To request a new payee/supplier, select Request New Payee/Supplier
SUPPLIER QUERY request new
  1. To view already submitted requests, select View Your Pending Requests 
SUPPLIER QUERY view pending

Search/Maintain Payees

  1. Use the fields to search for suppliers already enrolled with Stanford, or to update their information. Partial names and spaces accepted. Examples: Smith, Jane - Acme Construction - Santa Clara County
    To search using wildcard (%), enter: %search term%, enter a minimum of 3 characters excluding %
  2. Once results are returned, select a column header name to specify further details in that column

Suggested uses:

  1. Determine what source system this Supplier uses. (i.e., Supplier and Payee Registry is a self-service method for Suppliers to update their information.)
  2. Determine if Status is inactive 
  3. Request to have Supplier Enablement activate and add or change a site 

Request New Payee/Supplier

  1. Enter information in the fields to respond to questions that will allow Supplier Enablement to select which Source System should be used to add the new Payee/Supplier

View Your Pending Requests

  1. Select this option to view all in process and completed Payee/Supplier requests entered by you. 
    To view the Supplier or Visitor Payee Request Status types and definitions, see Resource: Supplier or Visitor Payee Request Statuses
What Happens Next?

You may use Oracle Pending Transactions inquiry tool, which also  provides a consolidated view of all purchase requisitions, invoice payments, supplier and payee requests, PCard verifications and Expense Request system transactions that are pending an action.

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2023


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