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Use Message Tools Within SmartMart Contracts

Follow these instructions to communicate using message methods in SmartMart Contracts.

Communicate within the SmartMart Contracts System

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Internet Procurement
  2. Select SmartMart Catalog Supplier & Contracts

  1. Hover over the Award Icon on the far left                             
  2. Hover over Contracts to be able to select Search Contracts
  1. On the search page: Search using open search options like, Contract Name, Contract Number or 2nd Party Name (supplier) 
  2. Locate the contract in the search results

  1. Click Open Summary on the far right
  1. Identify the Contract Advisor from the Summary of Contract window and then continue with the steps


Use one of the 3 methods listed below for communicating within SmartMart Contracts.  When available, Communications Center (External) is recommended.

Communicate Using Discussion tab ((only available in the Request form)

Before the Contract Request has been approved and has moved forward as a Contract File, use the Discussion tab on the left to communicate with the contracts team.

  1. Select the Discussion tab on the far left column
  2. Click on Select New Thread
  3. Enter a message for the Contracts Team (Contract Advisor has not been assigned yet)


Communicate Using Communication Center (recommended)

To communicate with the Contract Advisor and others, in more detail, use the Communication Center

  1. Select Communication Center (when your Contract Request is open) from the menu on the far left column  
  2. Select the External tab (as recommended) 

Selecting External allows email to be sent to valid email address(s) outside of Stanford University. Additionally, if adding a Stanford Employee that has not yet logged into SmartMart, using External will be required. By selecting external this will allow you to send by populating an individual's email address.

  1. Click Start External Communication
  2. A message window will open, portions of the message are pre-filled with important Contract information. Do not remove this text. 
  3. Enter questions for your Contract Advisor
  4. Under Recipients (Optional): Please add the Contract Advisor assigned to the contract to send an email to his/her inbox. Optionally, enter any additional recipients. 
    • Under Other Recipients, enter the name and email address for any contact outside of Stanford or a Stanford contact that did not appear in Recipients.
  5. Click Create to send the message
  6. Under Attachments (Optional): Enter attachments as applicable


What Happens Next?

While utilizing Comments and Communication Center, a copy of the email is sent to you. Reply via the email to continue to communicate with a Contract Advisor and any additional names (as listed in the communication). 

Optionally, return to SmartMart Contracts and use the Communication tab to continue the conversation. 

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2023


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