This page provides instructions for requesting rush and will call payments for purchase order invoices and Expense Requests transactions.

A rush or will call payment can be requested when the department would like to expedite the payment to a supplier made on a Standard Requisition. A $35 payment handling fee will be charged. For more detailed instructions, see How to: Upload an Invoice.

  1. Go to and launch Requisition and Purchase Order Query from the SU Inquiry Tools folder
  2. Search for your Purchase Order Number
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the PO Details screen and select Upload an Invoice for Payment Processing in the Status of Uploaded Invoices Associated with this PO section
  4. From the pop-up window, select Choose File or Browser
  5. Locate and attach the invoice file
  1. Select Rush, Campus Will Call or Redwood City Will CallBy selecting Will Call, payment will automatically receive Rush processing. Individuals with a default payment method of automatic deposit, may not select Will Call.
  2. As needed, enter a PTA for Payment Handling FeesRush, Wire and Will Call Fees must be charged to a non-sponsored PTA (Award cannot begin with P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W). When not specified, fees will be charged to the PTA on the purchase order if non-sponsored.
  3. Select Upload to confirm the upload
What Happens Next?

A rush payment or will call can be requested when the department would like to expedite a payment initiated in the Expense Requests system. A $35 payment handling fee will be charged.

  1. Go to and launch Expense Requests
  2. Select appropriate Transaction Type and Category

If Will Call processing is desired, the Rush Processing option must be selected.

  1. Select Yes in the Rush Processing drop-down menu
  2. Select preferred Payment Method from the drop-down The payment method is auto-filled based upon what the Stanford payee has setup (electronic or check) with Payroll.
  3. For Will Call processing, choose Check Delivery Option and select the Will Call location. During COVID-19, select the Redwood City Will Call option.  Individuals with a default payment method of automatic deposit, may not select the Will Call option.
  1. After entering all expense lines, designate the PTA to charge rush processing fees on the Allocations and Approvers screen.Some PTAs are restricted (sponsored projects) and will not allow a processing fee to be charged to them (awards that begin with P, Q, R, S, R, U, V or W). Check with the PTA approver or the department financial analyst before requesting a rush processing fee.
  1. Attach receipts/backup documentation
  2. Review and submit transaction

As needed, refer to the following  how-to step-by-step instructions:

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