Favorites are bookmarked items that can be organized in your personal Favorites or Shared Favorites within SmartMart Catalog Suppliers. A Shared Favorites folder allows a group of people to share frequently purchased items in a folder or list and organize shopping items in subfolders if desired.

Decide who will have access to your group Favorites folder and what access you will give them.

  1. Enter ofweb.stanford.edu in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Internet Procurement
  2. Click SmartMart Catalog Suppliers icon
  3. Go to Favorites tab on the center of the page
  4. Click Add New
  5. Select Top Level Shared Folder
  6. Name the Shared folder with your department name (suggested)

Create a sub-folder of a Shared folder by highlighting the Shared folder, clicking New, and selecting Subfolder of Selected Folder.

  1. Click User
  2. Search for person by last name
  3. Click Choose Selected User
  4. Add next person, by repeating Steps a through c

  1. Select folder access level next to each user's name
    • Read-only (limited access) – Users can only add favorites from this folder to their shopping cart.
    • Editor (mid-level access) – Users can add and remove items in the folder.
    • Admin (full access) – Users can add / remove items from the shared folder and add / remove users who can access the folder. Additionally, admin access users can add/remove sub-folders.
  2. Click Save

Inform the added users they have access to your shared favorite folder

What Happens Next?

Add favorite items from SmartMart Catalog Suppliers to the Shared folder. Users with Editor or Admin access will also be able to add or remove items to the shared folder.

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2022


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