In this section, you will find information on the invoice payment process, prompt payment requirements for purchase orders (POs) and where to send invoices and credit memos.

Once goods or services are delivered to the specified delivery address against an approved Stanford PO, suppliers should ensure their invoice meets prompt payment requirements before submitting an invoice to Accounts Payable (AP).

Upon receipt, AP reviews invoices to ensure they meet all prompt payment requirements and that all necessary approvals and funding requirements are in place.

If additional action or information is required from a school or department, invoices are placed on hold and the school or department is notified. Otherwise, payment is processed and a check is mailed to the remit to address shown on the invoice.

Invoices will be processed and scheduled for payment per the terms specified on the PO. To ensure prompt payment:

  • Invoices must be itemized and reference a Stanford approved 8-digit PO number. 
  • Packing lists, quotes, estimates or monthly statements will not be accepted by AP for payment processing.
  • Invoices must be addressed to Stanford University and include a remit to and bill to address.
  • Stanford University is not a tax exempt institution. Invoices should include proper sales tax according to product type and delivery location.  

If any of the requirements listed above are not met, or you are uncertain, please follow up with the Stanford department contact person noted on the PO. 

Send hard copies to:

Stanford University
Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 20410
Stanford, CA 94309-0410

Send electronic copies to:

(one pdf per invoice or credit memo)