Occasionally, Stanford payroll administrators, time and leave administrators and supervisors need to make changes to employee paychecks or to the hours worked. These changes include reversing entries or making adjustments before or after payroll has been run. To adjust discrepancies in previous pay periods, refer to How to: Adjust Paid Time in Axess Timecard

If an employee did not make a time and/or leave entry in the previous pay period or if an entry was incorrect, a time and leave administrator or supervisor has the ability to enter an Adjust Paid Time entry into the Axess Timecard application.

When time and leave administrators and supervisors are absent, they can delegate authority to responsible staff members to approve timecards using Axess Timecard. The absent supervisor or administrator will still have access to employee timecards.

Occasionally, employees need to have a paycheck before the next regular payday. This request is usually made when the regular salary or hours are missed on the previous payday, or when employees request a pay advance. Payroll administrators can request advances. Refer to How to: Request an Off-Cycle Payment for an Employee for more information.

The Stanford Graduate Financial Support (GFS) administrator has the authorization to occasionally request an off-cycle stipend payment before the next regular payday for an individual in the assistantship and fellowship program for graduate study, as well as appointments for postdoctoral scholars and other non-matriculated graduate students in the GFS program.

Stanford administrators and supervisors are able to request a one-time payment for employees.

Stanford administrators and supervisors can review, adjust and approve employee timecards in Axess Timecard. Part-time, non-exempt salaried employees who may have over- or under-reported hours may also need to have their timecards reviewed, adjusted and/or approved.

Stanford payroll administrators need to verify the accuracy of employee pay after each pay period and after the payroll run is complete. This can be done by running the Gross Pay Report in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI).

The correct Payroll earning codes are required for faculty, exempt staff, non-exempt staff, bargaining unit, student or contingent supplemental employee pay.