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Pay Statement Field Definitions

The following information defines what is included on a Stanford live paycheck stub, online pay statement and the direct deposit. View sample Pay Statement below.


Code Definition
Pay Group Codes used to classify workers for payroll purposes. View the Pay Groups, Descriptions and Pay Types
Pay Begin Date and Pay End Date Beginning and ending dates for the pay period
Advice Date Date check was issued

Your Name.
New employees should verify that the name matches your legal name on your Social Security Card to ensure correct reporting of your wages for Social Security purposes. 

NOTE: Notify your Human Resource Manager/Administrator immediately if anything is incorrect. Also view Update Phone and Address Information at Stanford
Employee ID Your 8-digit Stanford employee identification number, which is also listed on the Stanford ID card. Use this number for identification when asking questions of Payroll or Benefits
Department and Location Your department and work location
Tax Data Federal and state withholding status, allowances, and any additional amount or percentage specified to be taken out each pay period. For help changing withholding allowances, reference Declare or Change Withholding Allowances
Hours and Earnings Earnings paid by type (e.g., salary, sick, PTO, holiday, vacation, etc.) and, when applicable, the hourly rate and number of associated hours. The paycheck also includes year-to-date (YTD) hours and earnings for each earnings type
Taxes Federal and state tax amounts for the current pay period and YTD. Reference Resource: Tax Deduction Codes, Descriptions, and Rates
Before Tax Deductions

Current and YTD deductions for benefits taken from your gross pay before taxes are applied. Reference Resource: Benefit Deductions, Descriptions and Tax Status

NOTE: Federal Taxable Wages = Total Gross Wages – Before Tax Deductions
After Tax Deductions

Current and YTD deductions for benefits, other voluntary deductions or garnishments taken from your net pay after taxes have been applied. View Benefit Deductions - Descriptions and Tax Status for more information

Paycheck Summary Summary of current and Year-to-Date (YTD) gross earnings, federal taxable earnings (this will correspond to Box 1 W-2 total), total taxes, total deductions and net pay
Accrual Balance Accrued leave balances for vacation, sick, PTO (Personal Time Off) and floating holiday as passed from Axess Timecard online timecard application, cumulative of all active positions
Net Pay Distribution Pay for the pay period and bank account distribution


Last Updated: Jan 17, 2023
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