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View Pay Statements

Stanford employees can securely access, view and download PDFs of current or past pay statements using the Stanford Axess website. For help interpreting information on the pay statement, refer to Topic Overview: Stanford Paychecks.

View Pay Statements

  • You need a Stanford SUNet ID and password to access the Stanford Axess website.
  • You need to disable pop-up blockers before viewing online pay statements.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Log In
  3. As prompted, enter SUNet ID and password

Select a radio button below to view steps for viewing a single pay statement or viewing multiple pay statements.

Single Pay Statement
  1. Select Employee Center tab
  2. Select View all Pay Statements in the Payment Info section

    A list of all of your pay statements will display.

  3. Select View Paycheck for the pay statement you wish to view

    Your pay statement will open in a new tab.

  4. Download the pay statement by right clicking in the new tab
  5. Select Save As
Multiple Pay Statements

Generate Report

  1. Select Employee Center tab
  2. Select View all Pay Statements in the Payment Info section
  3. Scroll down to Request Multiple Pay Statements
  4. Enter the desired Range of Dates
  5. Select Request Report

    An email notification is sent to you that your report is ready.

Retrieve Report

  1. Navigate to View all Pay Statements in the Payment Info section of Axess
  2. Select Retrieve Report at the bottom of the page

    Your report will open in a new tab.

  3. Download the report by right clicking in the new tab
  4. Select Save As


Additional Information
  • Lenders, brokers and rental agencies requesting pay statements to verify employment for mortgage, refinance and/or rental applications should accept PDF-printed copies of your online pay statements. 
    • If you encounter difficulties after supplying copies of your PDF pay statement, submit a Support Request to Payroll to request printed copies. 
    • The Work Number can also be used to verify employment and salary information.  
  • Access to employee pay statements is secured in compliance with Administrative Guide Policy 6.1.1: Privacy and Access to Electronic Information.
    • You can personally safeguard your information by keeping your SUNet ID and password confidential. It is recommended that you change your SUNet ID password regularly on the StanfordYou website.
    • Use caution when printing personal pay statements to public printers.
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2023


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