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Verify Employee Pay

Stanford payroll administrators can verify the accuracy of an employee’s pay each pay period after the payroll run is complete by running the Gross Pay Report in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI).

Verify Employee Pay

  • You will need a SUNet ID and password.
  • You must have authorization to access and run OBI reports.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password

  1. Select Catalog
  2. Select Shared Folders from the left menu
  3. Select HR-Payroll-Benefits Systems
  4. Select Job Information
  5. Select Gross Pay from the center menu

The report parameters default to processing by Dept Hierarchy.

  1. Select Name or Empl ID to run the report for a specific employee
  2. Enter information in the following fields 
    • Pay End Date: Begin
    • Pay End Date: End
    • Department Hierarchy
  3. Select Apply to run the report

  1. Select the tabs to review results for the following report summaries

    Select the Refresh icon to view results as you move to each tab.

    • Summary by Employee – a pivot table of all employee earnings by earn code
    • Name Report – earnings by employee name, formatted for printing or exporting as a PDF
    • Earn-Code Report – pay by earn codes, formatted for printing or exporting as a PDF
    • Bonus Report – bonus payments, formatted for printing or exporting as a PDF
    • Bonus Results – bonus payments in Excel format
    • Full Results – all payments in Excel format
    • Paper Pay Stub Option Report – employees who have elected a paper pay statement

    The Gross Pay Report contains confidential salary information. Take appropriate precautions when printing or downloading any of this report.

  1. Select the Download icon in the menu bar just above the report
  2. From the pull-down menu, select Excel (*.xlsx)
  3. Select the location to save the report
  4. Select Save to download the report
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Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020


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