Labor Distribution Adjustments (LDAs) require review and approval by individuals with Labor Distribution Approval authority over each PTA charged. Approvers can return LDAs if not enough information is provided, or when modifications to the original transaction are necessary. The originator of the LDA can edit and resubmit for approval or void the transaction.

When a transaction is returned by an approver, the LDA appears with a status of Returned in the Distribution Adjustments Dashboard.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password
  1. Select SU LD Distribution Adjuster
  1. Select Distribution Adjustments Dashboard in the center box
    Do not close the middle window.
  2. Double click on the Status box of a transaction line
  3. Review approver Comments to understand why the transaction was returned
  1. Select Edit to edit the transaction
  2. As needed, edit distribution adjustment line information and select Continue
    • Project
    • Task
    • Award
    • Amount
  3. As needed, edit justification in the Comments box and select Continue  
  4. If desired, add Additional Approvers and FYIs and select Submit
  1. Select Void to delete the transaction
  1. Close the Distribution Adjustments Dashboard window
  2. Close the Navigator window
  3. Select OK to exit
  4. Select Logout 
What Happens Next?
  • An edited LDA is routed to the approval list as indicated in the transaction.
  • If the transaction was voided, it will no longer appear in the dashboard.


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