Labor distribution adjustment (LDA) transactions are used to correct payroll earnings posted to an incorrect account or to an Organization Suspense Account (as a result of the account no longer being valid). LDAs transfer salary expenses from one account to another.

Only authorized users with the proper authority and training can create labor distribution adjustments using the Labor Distribution Adjustments system in Oracle Financials. Transactions are restricted to the user's organization.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password
  1. Select SU LD Distribution Adjuster
  1. Select Distribution Adjustments Dashboard in the center box                            
    This action will open the Oracle Financials application and the Oracle applet window. Do not close the applet window.
  2. Select New LDA on the dashboard
  3. Enter the employee name in the Employee Name field or enter the employee number in the Assignment field, then select Tab (choose the correct Assignment if more than one is listed)
  4. Enter the Begin Date and End Date of the earnings to be transferred
  5. Select Adjust by:                            
    • Assignment Level – The Assignment Level provides summarized information and separates earnings only by PTA(s). It allows the LD Adjuster to transfer earnings all at once without having to individually choose each type of earning (Element) to be adjusted.                        
      Vacation earnings (SOV/VCR) can only be adjusted at the Element Level. They cannot be adjusted at the Assignment Level.
    • Element Level – The Element Level provides the most details about an employee's earnings and separates the type of earning (Element) and PTAE. It allows the LD Adjuster to individually choose the earnings they would like to adjust.                      
      Vacation earnings adjusted at the Element Level require the offsetting vacation entry.
  6. Select Find     
    If a warning message appears stating you do not have authority to adjust the employee's earnings use the Labor Distribution User Query tool to find the LD Adjuster. 
  1. In the Actual Distributions box, select the checkbox in the Transfer column for the line to be transferred
  2. Select Done
  1. In the Adjusted Distributions box, select an empty line
  2. Enter the Project
  3. Enter the Task
  4. Enter the Award
  5. Tab through the Organization and the Expenditure Type fields (they cannot be changed)
  6. Enter the Amount
  7. Select another blank line if the Amount is to be split among multiple PTAs
  8. Click Freeze Set when the Unaccounted Balance is zero     
    Vacation earnings adjusted at the Element Level require the offsetting vacation entry. The system will display a message upon selecting Freeze Set and will validate the vacation entries.
  9. Select Submit to continue, or select Save to return to the entry later
    • If you opt to save your LDA, you have 7 days to finish and submit the entry before Oracle deletes it.
    • Saved LDA entries are retrievable by you, the originator, from the LDA Dashboard by selecting the Saved entry and selecting Edit.
  1. Enter the Justification in the Comments box    
    Justifications must provide enough detail to inform approvers about the action(s) taken and to adequately document the transaction for auditors. Include the Who, What, When, Where, and Why to construct a succinct explanation.
  2. Select Continue 

Adjustments $10,000 and over require an approver when there is no end-route, and regardless if the originator has sufficient approval authority. The defaulted approver can be replaced with another approver with sufficient approval authority. Additional approvers and/or FYIs may be added.

  1. As needed, overwrite the existing approver with a new approver's SUNet ID or Full Name
    Endroute information cannot be modified.
  2. To add additional approvers, place cursor on a blank line under existing approver and enter additional approvers SUNet ID or Full Name
  3. Select either Approve or FYI for each new approver entered
  4. Rearrange the approver order, if desired by modifying the numbers in the list
    To restore the original set of defaulted approvers, select Restore.
  5. Select Submit 
    If you have created a new LDA, you will be prompted to begin another. If you have no other LDAs to create, close the Find Distributions window to review the refreshed Dashboard.
  1. Close the Distribution Adjustments Dashboard window
  2. Close the Navigator window
  3. Select OK to exit
  4. Select Logout 
What Happens Next?
  • The Labor Adjustment is routed to approvers included in the Approver Routing List. FYI recipients will receive an email notification with no action required.


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