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Select departments across Stanford use the Wells Fargo mobile app to deposit paper checks using the Vantage (formerly Commercial Electronic Office CEO) service. Department depositors with a dedicated location code use the Wells Fargo app and tools, such as desktop scanners and the WF Vantage portal. Depositors can use the camera on their mobile devices to take a picture of the front and back of each endorsed check and submit them securely to the bank for processing.

For assistance with cash and check deposits, submit a support request to the Office of the Treasurer.


The JP Morgan (JPM) Access mobile app has replaced the Wells Fargo mobile app for depositors who previously used CASHNet and location code 10001, however we will maintain a relationship with Wells Fargo for in-person branch deposits and incoming wires/ACH. 

For more information on the JPM app roll out in May 2023, check out the Cash and Check Deposit Enhancements news page.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Enter Deposit Account (there should only be one to choose from)

Mobile deposit application

















Enter Amount 

Mobile Deposit screenshot

















Enter the location code (there should only be one to choose from)

Then click Create Deposit. Note: Most users will leave fields blank for “Deposit Name”, “Bag Number” and “Multiple Batches.” 

Mobile Deposit screenshot 3

















The following screen will appear momentarily and then disappear. Ignore any reference to a scanner if you are on your mobile phone.

Mobile Deposit screenshot 4























At this point the phone’s camera will turn on and you may take a picture of the front of the check. The Office of the Treasurer recommends snapping the picture within the “Position check in frame” area as the message does not seem to disappear. : Photo acceptance may be sensitive to lighting, background and other factors. For best results, place the image on a dark background.

Mobile Deposit screenshot 5


The next screen will indicate the message “Front of check capture successful.” If not, please follow instructions to attempt the photo again. Note: There is the possibility that the application will display a successful image and then show an error "too much glare."

Mobile Deposit screenshot 6


Repeat the same process for the back of the check until you get this message “Front of check capture successful.” Click “Review Deposit.” 

Do not click "Deposit another check" unless it is for the same PTA booking code. If you select the blue button, the two check amounts will be combined into one deposit. For a separate PTA booking code, you will need to complete the process and begin again for each check.

Mobile Deposit screenshot 7


If successful, the next screen will look like this:

Mobile Deposit screenshot 8


























For the above where both Running Total and Deposit Total match automatically, you may click “Submit Deposit.” This will take you to another screen. You must click “Submit Deposit” again. 

Mobile Deposit screenshot 9



























  • If the Running Total and Deposit Total do not match, this is usually because the amount of the check was not read by the camera. To fix this, click on the transaction with the red warning symbol and type in the amount of the check as shown here.
Mobile Deposit screenshot 13




























After clicking Submit Deposit for the 2nd time, a confirmation page will come up. To begin a new deposit, click “Return to Create Deposit.”

Important: For a confirmation for your operational processes, click the printer icon on the confirmation page.

Mobile Deposit screenshot 10



























See image below for retrieving a confirmation PDF directly on your computer for up to seven days after the deposit. Log on to Wells Fargo with the same credentials as your mobile app and you may see your recent deposits.

Mobile Deposit screenshot 11













*Use the Unidentified Receipts site to claim receipts of deposits and enter the correct Project, Fund and Object Code identifying where the deposit should be booked. For details regarding access and instructions, review How To: Claim Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits.

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