SmartMart, a purchasing method within iProcurement, will launch a new user interface (UI) in mid-April 2021. The new UI will result in a better shopping experience with enhanced SmartMart pages, expanded search results, and streamlined shopping cart and checkout process.

Below are the highlighted changes.

SmartMart Homepage

  • Product Search Bar: The main Product Search Bar is elongated and the prior "Shop" dropdown menu has been moved to the Advanced tab above the search bar. Breadcrumbs, text that is located at the top of the Smart pages, have been removed from the website header.
  • Exit to iProcurement button: The "Exit to iProcurement" button has been moved from the header to a new location. Users can exit from SmartMart back to Oracle iProcurement by clicking on the "User Profile icon" in top right corner and clicking the "Exit to iProcurement" button.
New SmartMart Homepage image
Exit to iProcurement button

Search Results

  • Recommended Search Items: Typing in the Product Search Bar now prompts a Recommended Search Items dropdown. Recommended Search offers up to 10 recommended items based on a user's personal and shared favorites, and items that have been added to requisitions in the last 30 days. If there are no recommended items, or the user does not want to use one of the recommended items, click the Search icon to generate a search.
  • Search Results Different Views: Search Results can now be toggled between Grid View or List View to change how results are visually displayed. Clicking on item name in the Search Results, Cart or Checkout pages opens an updated Details view, which provides detailed product information.
Search Results Different Views
Search Results Different Views

Shopping Cart and Checkout

  • Search in Checkout: Product Search Bar has been added to the checkout cart to search for last minute items.
  • Empty Cart and Create New Cart buttons: These buttons have been moved from main page to the Shopping Cart dropdown button in top left under SmartMart logo.
  • Perform an Action button: This button has been replaced by item selection checkboxes and a drop down Action icon to make desired cart or checkout changes. 
New SmartMart Shopping Cart Checkout image
Perform an Action button

Have Questions?

If you have questions about these changes, please contact the Financial Support Center (FSC) by submitting a support request.

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