Based on feedback from our campus users and the number of support requests submitted to the Financial Support Center, FMS is introducing a new Oracle Financials Inquiry Tool to improve system efficiency and awareness of transactions requiring pending action by yourself or others. The new Pending Transactions Inquiry Tool is designed to provide a consolidated, integrated tool where users can obtain information about all of their specific purchasing and business expense transactions in one place. The Pending Transactions tool is powered by Incorta software which is an Operations Intelligence Tool. It’s built for preparers, verifiers and approvers of transactions, providing the status of the user's pending transactions, including: 

  • Expense Requests transactions (ERS) including Expense Reports, Advances, Visitor Reimbursements, and Non-PO Payment Requests
  • iProcurement transactions including Requisitions & Requisition Change Orders
  • PCard Verifications
  • Supplier and Payee Requests
  • Supplier Invoices
Improved Functionality
  • Easily view a list of transactions waiting for approval
  • Access Oracle Workflow Notifications directly to review and approve transactions
  • View the status of in-progress transactions
  • View lists of aging PCard and TCard transactions
  • Drill into certain Oracle transactions for additional information (ER’s, Requisitions, PCard transactions)
  • Download list of transactions to Excel or CSV reports
  • View dashboard data breakdown via data or chart 

Application Structure

  1. Pending My Approval: All transactions that are pending your approval, including Requisitions, Change Order Requisitions, Expense Requests, PCard Transactions, Non-PO Payment Requests, and Supplier Invoices on over Department Approval Hold or Subaward Holds. 
  2. Pending with Others: Transactions created by you that are pending actions by approvers, including, (Expense Reports, Payment Request, Requisitions, PCards, TCards, Supplier/Payee Request).
  3. Uncleared PCards, TCard and Advances: PCard, TCard and Advance Transactions created by you, or where you are the verifier, that have not been cleared yet. 
  4. Other Pending Transactions: All pending transactions including: Expense Reports, Visitor Reimbursements and Advances, Payment Request, PCards, Requisitions, Unreleased Invoice Holds, Supplier Requests.

Note: This is not part of the OBI Reporting Tool. The data is refreshed from Production (PROD) every 60 minutes. However, the Inquiry Tool is designed to show only the preparer’s or approvers’ pending transactions.

Questions & Resources

For a detailed description, see Oracle Financials Inquiry Tools: Pending Transactions. If you have any questions, submit a Services & Support Request. 

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